The interior staircase is one of the rooms of the house that should be taken care of with the proper lighting to ensure perfect visibility of the steps and to achieve the maximum effect. In order to create original environments and enhance them, you need to let your imagination work and exploit useful lighting elements to achieve the desired effect. The combinations are many and, thanks also to design solutions, you can solve in style the question of how to light the stairs. Here are some helpful tips to follow for lighting your interior stairs!

Lighting the staircase is one of the most critical aspects of an interior for several reasons, and anyone who owns an interior staircase knows how difficult it is to create the right atmosphere with lighting effects alone.

Firstly, because the ladder is a dangerous passageway and must be clearly visible.


Long shadows or poorly placed lights can make it easier to fall, something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

In addition, in an already built staircase there are not enough electrical cable outlets to install step lights: to do so, it would be necessary to create additional tracks and “break” walls and skirting boards, with consequent complications.

I will now review the different types of scale to understand the best lighting that can be achieved.

There really are a thousand different ways to light the staircase.

The important thing is to make a preliminary study to understand the feasibility of a solution, the costs and the ability to have the desired effect.



This might be the first example of a scale to consider for hypothetical lighting. Imagine then that you are in front of a ramp that is bounded on both sides by a wall. This is one of those blind staircases that are often found in homes and may even be completely devoid of natural light. How to light it?

One thing you can do is illuminate the tread of a set of steps on the ramp. If the recessed spotlight you intend to use has a very small profile, you might think of placing one for each step, otherwise you can easily opt for a solution with alternating steps. To make it clearer, you can light up every other step.

In this case it is not necessary to pay attention to the angle of emission of the spotlight because there will be no possibility of glare. Keep in mind that if you use recessed fixtures without any luminous optics at all, you might find the steps illuminated but the parallel wall completely in the dark. Do not exaggerate in this sense and always stay on products with a good luminous flux and that are able to hit the parallel wall so as to exploit it as a reflective surface.


In this case we are looking at a solution that you can find at home. The presence of the railing in this type of staircase is often an obstacle because it is not clear where to place the light and serve the step at the same time.

A possible lighting solution could be to insert Led profiles with stripled lights that illuminate the entire tread of the staircase, or to place recessed or punctiform ceiling lamps on the ceiling of the staircase that emit diffused light that can hit a good portion of the staircase itself.

Since the ceiling above the staircase is sloping, be careful not to put anything protruding because you would risk getting a wrong and unsightly sloping effect. If, on the other hand, you opt for recessed fittings, choose spotlights with diffused light, including diffusing or adjustable ones, which are able to re-obtain parallelism with the ground thanks to their directional wiring.


Typically, a spiral staircase is lit from below, to emphasize verticality and diminish the “stubby” effect.

Many do not put any lights on the staircase, going so far as to directly illuminate the open compartment. For a customised effect, there is also the possibility of inserting LEDs underneath the staircase, so that this architectural element stands out when it is all dark.


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