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Lighting the walk-in closet properly is one of the most interesting and arduous challenges in the world of interior design. There are plenty of tips and ideas in this regard, but they are not always able to conform perfectly to the needs of customers. Which one of you doesn’t waste precious time every morning looking for the unobtainable shirt or pair of jeans lost in the dark and disorder of your closet?

In this article we are going to discover various enlightening ideas to illuminate your walk-in closet, giving prominence to all the clothes and avoiding wasting time and patience looking for clothes invisible in the dark.

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious house, then the solution is a comfortable walk-in closet, spacious and well lit, where order reigns and where there is enough space for all the clothes and with the right lighting to find even the smallest accessory. In order to wear the right clothes and match the right shades, it is essential to correctly study the lighting of the walk-in closet, the type of lamp, its position and temperature.

illuminate-walk-in closet


If the walk-in closet is small, we recommend the use of low voltage LED spotlights, to be placed on the ceiling at regular intervals. The spotlights are able to create an even and homogeneous light, do not overheat and do not discolor fabrics. If, on the other hand, the walk-in closet is of medium-large size, our advice is to add adjustable spotlights.

Every self-respecting walk-in closet must be equipped with shelves, essential for shoes and accessories. To illuminate every single shelf, we recommend the use of practical LED strips to be placed directly on the shelves. Suspension lamps are not recommended, they are bulky, steal space and do not provide a homogeneous light.


Once you have chosen the most suitable type of lamp for your walk-in closet, you need to choose the temperature of the light. Not everyone knows that the temperature of light affects our perception of colors. In fact, a warm light with shades between yellow and red is suitable for lighting the kitchen or living room and suitable in all those environments where we want to create a warm and familiar atmosphere.

Another matter for the lighting of a walk-in closet where, the main need is to have a light as similar as possible to the natural one. That’s why we recommend lighting your walk-in closet with a bulb between 400K up to 5500K. This temperature is reminiscent of midday light on a spring day and is capable of faithfully restoring color tones. And now that we have shed some light on the walk-in closets, you just have to light up your wardrobe and dedicate yourself to your outfit.

illuminate-walk-in closet

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