If you want to impress your guests with a modern complement that recalls baroque atmospheres, the Kartell Ghost chair can be for you.

Linear, elegant but also comfortable, this seat can furnish both the internal and external environment with a touch of irony.


Leading company in the production and distribution of industrial design accessories and complements in plastic materials, Kartell has always paid great attention and commitment to research on cutting-edge technologies and production processes.

Quality, reliability, safety and attention to the environment are key values for the company.

From its foundation in 1949 to today, Kartell has designed an incredible series of products, the result of collaboration with the most important designers in the world.

The products are made with top quality plastic materials, largely recyclable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the production processes are optimized in order to avoid excessive consumption and waste to the detriment of the environment and resources.

Since 1996 Kartell has certified its Company Quality Management System, according to the standards UNI EN ISO 9001.

Since 2012, Kartell has also achieved the ambitious UNI EN ISO 14001 certification for the support of an effective Environmental Management System.

These Certifications attest to the adoption of accurate control systems in order to reconcile the industrial processes used with the needs and expectations of the final consumer.

And paying attention also to the protection of the health of the final consumer, during 2014 Kartell will obtain GREENGUARD certification for its collection of articles.

The parameters taken into consideration are very stringent, as the furnishings used and certified must comply with well-defined emission limits to protect the health of consumers.

By purchasing a GREENGUARD certified product, the end customer purchases a controlled, non-polluting and non-dangerous product.

Kartell’s attention to the environmental theme is evidenced by the use of top quality, clean, certified, environmentally friendly and largely recyclable materials, together with the use of packaging solutions created avoiding waste of materials.

Attention to the recyclability of the materials used is a dominant note of the entire production cycle, from the earliest stages of product design.



The term polycarbonate indicates a thermoplastic polymer. To produce an object made of this material, the polycarbonate is melted and pushed under pressure to pass into a mold, so that it takes the desired shape.

There are two main processes in the production of articles made of polycarbonate:

  • Extrusion: in this process, the previously heated polymer is passed under pressure through a die that gives the final shape to the product. With this process pipes, sheets and profiles can be made.
  • Injection molding: in this process, the polymer in granular form is heated and injected into a shaped and cooled mold, which gives it its shape and makes it solid. With this process multiple products can be made in different sectors.

Polycarbonate is a material with excellent properties:

  • it boasts excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties;
  • high resistance to fire and impacts and considerable elasticity;
  • it is easily recyclable and easily workable.

These characteristics make this material suitable for the most varied applications: from cars to packaging, from household appliances to consumer goods.

Kartell has demonstrated, and in this sense has been a pioneer in the sector, the excellent application capabilities of polycarbonate also in the furniture sector.


Here are the main features of the Kartell Louis Ghost chair:

  • Height: 94 cm;
  • Seat: 47 cm;
  • Armrest height: 67 cm;
  • Width: 54 cm;
  • Depth: 55 cm;
  • Weight: 4.8 kg;
  • Material: 100% polycarbonate.


In 2002 the designer Philippe Starck had the idea of reproducing the Louis XV style on a Kartell chair. In fact, the result is Louis Ghost, a real ghost of baroque lines on polycarbonate.

The back is round and slightly concave to better accommodate the back and also the armrests elegantly curve up to connect to the front legs.

The shaped seat is wide enough to be comfortable. The available colors are crystal, opaque white or black, smoked, yellow, green and blue.

Aside from black and white, the rest of the color variations remain transparent, almost as if to recall the ethereal idea of the style of inspiration.


The material used is, of course, polycarbonate. Despite the complexity of the shapes reproduced, the single-mold technique was used to make it even more stable.

Impact resistant and weighing less than 5 kilos, the Kartell Ghost can be moved and stacked without any difficulty. It resists bad weather and can therefore also be used externally.

The coloring is always carried out in bulk, to recreate a compact and pleasant visual effect.


If you have a living room furnished with real Baroque furniture, of course, this is not the right chair. But if you want to play with the modern or minimal style and you like rounded lines, this chair is great both in the dining room and in the garden.

The white and black variants are not transparent, so you will have to pay attention to the combination with the other furnishings.

On the contrary, the other colors remain very delicate thanks to the typical transparency of the crystal so the pastel shades can harmonize without problems.


In addition, the advantages associated with the purchase of this type of chair are truly numerous. In fact, it is a very resistant chair, thanks to the plastic material with which it was created: polycarbonate.

The latter is a very innovative and truly ultra resistant to impact and even bad weather, so much so that it can also be used externally.

Finally, it is a very comfortable chair with a unique and original design.

And, in fact, it is precisely the design that makes it at the same time aesthetically very beautiful, but also functional thanks to its shape created specifically to make the seat comfortable.

The only major disadvantage that we can attach to it is the excessive price necessary to be able to buy it. In fact, being the price between 800 and 1000 € it is not really accessible to everyone.

This, on the other hand, is also understood by the fact that this type of chair is suitable only for rooms furnished in a particular and baroque way.


Finally, if the budget allows you to invest significant amounts on the chairs in your living room or garden, you will certainly like the Ghost chair by Kartell very much.

Self-deprecating and solid, it sums up the imagination and advanced technology typical of this cutting-edge company.

The Baroque idea is redesigned in the ethereal and elegant lines of a one-of-a-kind furnishing accessory.


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