Far from the furniture styles we have become accustomed to in recent years, the Kindercorestyle floods rooms with light, taste and color.

Let us briefly look at some of its distinctive features:

  • It is a burst of cheerfulness and color in the rooms
  • Nothing is left to chance
  • Kindercore style, when to choose it
  • How to decorate home in Kindercore style
  • Aim for large and extravagant furniture
  • Green light for wrap-around chairs
  • Attention to fabrics and materials
  • Essentials not to be forgotten

Scandinavian, boho chic, classic, vintage, minimalist. You probably know many styles of furniture, at least in broad strokes. But have you ever heard of the Kindercore style? This is a trend that has become popular in recent years and is characterized by colors and designs that are full of personality and can brighten up rooms. It is ideal if you want to make the spaces in your home more fun, personal and lively.


The key element of Kindercore is simplicity. It is flawed and a bit silly, but it also makes a statement. It has emerged as a trend in the past year and, according to designer Sarah barnard, “the Kindercore style seems perhaps a response to the stressors of our time and our collective desire to move in a compassionate and inclusive direction.”

In other words, in a world where we are bombarded with bad news, many designers are looking for a happier aesthetic to brighten our moods.

Like this colorful Mondrian-style clock from the Moma design store, Kindercore is a little modern, a little vintage and full of a lot of personality. While the basis of Kindercore is centered on mixing simple and bold colors together, we are also seeing more and more designers reaching for bold, solid pieces, such as red fire apparatuses and neon green side lamps.



The Kindercore style is a recently emerged architectural trend inspired by the colorful, bubbly and cheerful decor of the 1980s. It is a mix of pop art, design, vintage, and experimentation, conveying vitality and enthusiasm.

Far from the styles we have become accustomed to in recent years and the usual patterns, it floods rooms with light, taste and color. With its soft and cheerful shapes, eccentric furniture elements, disparate materials, contrasts and daring, it gives rhythm and character to rooms.

This emerging trend movement embraces primary colors and focuses on creating vibrant, carefree and almost childlike interiors.


When it comes to decorating with the Kindercore design, it is good to start small. While some other design movements are subtle and easy to decorate an entire home with (think: Scandinavian), starting with a few accent pieces is the best way to bring this design movement into your space. Consider replacing your bedside lamp with a slightly younger one or add some primary color pillows.

According to Sarah barnard, Pantone’s spring 2020 colors provide the perfect inspiration to bring Kindercore into your home. From Flame Scarlet to Classic Blue, these colors are bold, bright and perfect for adding lots of color to your space.


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