Kindercore style , what it is, ideas, proposals: if this is the first time you hear about this style, make yourself comfortable and face this journey in our company. A journey made of color, energy, good taste and all new patterns. Are you ready to be bewitched?

The design is constantly evolving and constantly looking for innovative solutions, if until some time ago the Minimalism was the master, conquering every space in the house with intelligent and functional furniture, neutral colors and with the slogan “lessi is more” ready to show us how not to overload spaces unnecessarily. Here, in recent years, has appeared on this front a new style: the kindercore precisely.

No more neutrality but no maximalism, just a great desire for creativity that takes shape in cheeky and a bit childish furnishings, bright colors to remind us of our childhood and able to embrace us carefree but always in a harmonious way. In the course of the article we will explore together the main features of this new trend. Ready to go?


The kindercore style is a trend that has taken hold in the last 2/3 years when we have tried to put the negative factors that surround us and are a source of stress before the lightness of the interior with all the baggage of positivity that comes with it.

In practice, a lighter and more positive aesthetic at the same time that, although not exactly new on the design front as it recalls 80s furniture, stands in contrast to all the elements that dominated design last decade. How is kindercore declined in furniture? Let’s find out together starting with the most suitable colours.



The cornerstone on which the kindercore style is based is in the choice of colors that are no longer monochromatic and in very delicate pastel shades, as the styles that have characterized the furniture until now, but they design and fill the space with their strong, bold and bright colors.

They are colours that amaze our eyes, even with daring combinations that are never tired or wrong, that give the accent to a wall rather than to a piece of furniture and that vibrate in space making themselves bearers of positive feelings.

If you want to add a bit of kindercore in your home, draw on a color palette, consistent with this style, made of primary colors (blues, reds and yellows), from the encounter of them and intriguing combinations that, sometimes, accompany the liveliness to the delicacy as a coral red vs. an antique pink. Play with colour blocks – another peculiarity and starting point of this style – and bring your interiors to life.


The watchword remains simplicity. And next to the bright colors we find furniture characterized no longer by straight and angular lines but plump and soft, nice and unexpected.

The kindercore style shapes are reminiscent of childhood games, enveloping us in a nostalgic embrace that characterizes each piece. Toys are a constant source of inspiration for designers who draw heavily from their memories, filling their homes with unusual and fun shapes.

Materials are the medium through which this hidden energy is transmitted. Make way for ceramics for objects, metals for shelves or other pieces of furniture and, finally, retro enamel mainly for lighting.


The playful touch is an integral part of each piece of furniture that has a commanding presence within the space. Strong colors and heavy shapes characterize them. Just to remind us of that sense of comfort and security that enveloped us during our childhood and now excellently reproposed.


Can not miss for the kindercore style, in the end, the decorations that are that extra touch that is missing on the walls or above some furniture. Set the right accent and characterize the room with your strong personality: fun pictures with graphic prints, unique clocks and mirrors with amazing frames are all you need.

Complete the look of your home with precious allies: truly original decorative objects!


After reading what characterizes the kindercore style and some proposals to decorate the environment of your home, we want to suggest a few more reasons to prefer it.

If you’re tired of the somewhat anonymous and impersonal trends that have defined interior design up to now, give your interior a make over. Do it with the grit of kindercore.


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