Are you looking for an indoor elevator for your home, condo, apartment or loft. You’ve already searched the internet for initial information, but now you’d like to know more specifically if your home is suitable for the installation of an elevator. You’re in the right place! In this article you’ll find an overview of different models to find your indoor elevator. We assure you that thanks to this article you will be able to get ‘a more complete idea for your choice.

Overcoming flights of stairs, reaching the sleeping area or your apartment in comfort without getting tired is possible with an indoor elevator. In this article, it will be possible for you and anyone like you who is not an expert in the field to find important information about the different lifts or hoists available.

If your intention is to find an elevator for your needs, I suggest you take a few minutes to read this article. We are confident that you will be able to locate the solution you are looking for and share the information with your family members, relatives or planner who is helping you in your search.



Before talking about the necessary permits, it’s good to clarify what type of system is best suited for your home.

Commonly referred to as home elevators, but in reality, this term refers to another solution: mini elevators.

Similar in name, elevators and mini-elevators are different. The former are plants that serve many floors, with precise structural characteristics and important dimensions and consumption, the latter. Mini-elevators, on the other hand, are suitable for buildings with just a few floors, generally up to 4 stops, and for detached houses; they have flexible dimensions and very limited overall dimensions.

So, in your case, it’s all about installing a mini elevator.

If you need to install an elevator inside your home then a mini elevator is for you.


The cost of an indoor home elevator varies depending on the size of the installation, depending on customizations and accessories. The price of a home indoor elevator, or homelift, depends on numerous factors such as:

  • the quality and cost of materials and finishes
  • the cost of transport, assembly and testing
  • the cost of the metal structure containing the homelift itself, i.e. the turret, if the installation requires it.

If the elevator is built within a total renovation of the house or a new construction of a condominium, you can provide for the installation with masonry compartment.

If, on the other hand, it is to be inserted into an existing building, the Suite home elevator may be the ideal solution thanks to its flexibility in size and wide range of customizations.

The choice of materials such as clear glass and steel allow for panoramic elevators, which preserve the natural lighting of the stairwell and decrease the sense of claustrophobia perceived inside the cabin even for the narrowest elevators.


The installation of a mini-elevator inside the house falls within the works of free construction, provided that the intervention does not affect the load-bearing structure of the building.
This is established by the Single Glossary for the works of free construction that includes the installation of systems to reduce architectural barriers – so ramps, stair elevators or stair elevators, freight elevators and internal elevators – among the works that do not require a request to the municipality or its approval.

If, however, the mini-elevator is for outdoor use, that’s a different story.

In fact, the external mini-elevator – installed on an existing building, i.e. next to a building that originally did not provide for this type of plant – modifies the shape and volumes of the building, so it does not fall within the works of free building.

Consequently, one or more requests must be submitted, depending on whether or not the property is “bound” – i.e. subject to artistic, historical or landscape constraints -, is visible from the street or not, respects the distances from the borders, etc..


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