We continue our review of articles focused on the various color palettes that can be used to decorate your home. Today we’re going to talk about lime green. A whimsical and very bright colour, with many advantages in terms of space perception and room size, but also difficult to match. Let’s discover some useful tricks to make it the undisputed protagonist of our home, without falling into gross errors.

Green is the colour of nature par excellence, so it envelops, relaxes and soothes, giving brightness, freshness and harmony. Considered a neutral colour, neither warm nor cold, it can be declined and therefore chosen in its various shades.

In general, the light tones of green help to brighten up the environment, combining with a young and dynamic style, while the darker ones create a theatrical, almost dramatic effect. In fact, lime green finds its place inmodern furnishing, especially in the minimalist style where it can be used in combination with black for decisive and captivating contrasts.

Lovers of Provencal and shabby chic styles will also be able to use lime green to decorate their homes. In this case, the secret will be to combine it with white and grey for an even more elegant effect.


The color lime / Green, with hexadecimal color code #00ff00 / #0f0 is a shade of green. In the RGB color model #00ff00 is composed of 0% red, 100% green and 0% blue. In the HSL color system #00ff00 has a hue of 120° (degrees), 100% saturation and 50% clarity. The color has an approximate wavelength of 549.13 nm.



If you don’t want to renovate the furniture, but want to change the look of your home, you can opt for a lime green to paint the walls. Again, we can use this colour in any environment, better if it is dedicated to daytime life, precisely because it communicates energy. Great results are achieved when combined with a minimalist and contemporary style, with clean and simple furniture design. Let’s also take into account the fact that, in the presence of a French window or in any case with exposure to natural light, walls in this shade will make the room look larger and brighter.

If you think that using this type of green on all the walls is too much, you can choose to paint only one wall with this shade. It is the best choice to give harmony to the rest of the house as well as create a special touch to a room or bathroom. Otherwise, you may decide to use a lime shade that is more pastel, for example lime pulp color. This will make theatmosphere more romantic and help make a small room seem larger.


The lime green color can be suitable for a sofa, ottoman or armchair. As we have already mentioned, we can find different arrangements of this color in our home too, always thinking carefully about the combinations. In fact, the ideal is to find the right balance by diluting the colouring with warmer, neutral tones. So this type of green we can use it for tablecloths, curtains or pillows, which can give a more cheerful and sparkling touch to the house.

That said, match it? What styles can you use to create a welcoming environment? Definitely better to put them in the living areas of the house, such as the living room or kitchen, dosed in the right way and combined with neutral colors. We can also choose this colour for some kitchen wall units or bathroom furnishing accessories. In short, the uses of this colour are very varied, and in its various nuances it can offer an excellent aesthetic result throughout the home. Modern furnishings and minimalist style are, without a shadow of a doubt, two of the types of design in which we can insert it most easily.


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