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When it comes to choosing the most suitable living room chandelier to illuminate such an environment, multiple factors must be taken into consideration.

There are in fact many possible solutions among which to be able to space, however, each of them must always be consistent with the chosen furnishings, going in this way to represent that particular able to determine style and refinement.

So how to answer the question of how to choose the chandelier for the living room?

The living room represents the most livable environment of the house, the one intended for most daily activities, often different from each other.

Consequently, this implies resorting to different types of lamps and chandeliers in the living room, which know how to respond perfectly to the needs of every present corner and every single piece of furniture.


Lighting the living room with hanging lamps and chandeliers is undoubtedly the simplest solution.

However, in order not to make mistakes, a number of factors must be considered when choosing a living room chandelier. For example the size of the environment and the colors that distinguish the walls as well as the furnishings.

In fact, it is necessary to consider if any are already present luminous bodies on the wall or, no less important, the style adopted for the furniture, modern, classic or design.

All this is particularly important to prevent the space from showing excessively illuminated or on the contrary too shaded areas.

If in fact in the environment there are already wall lights or applique for example, it will be necessary to avoid integrating everything with additional chandeliers that would inevitably lead to over lighting, opting instead for directional floor lamps or LED spotlights that point the light rather downwards.

chandelier-living room

The main parameter to consider, when choosing a living room chandelier, is certainly the size.

In fact, the measures we must take into account must relate to the environment in which we are going to place it.

In fact, in a small room, it may be out of place installing a very large chandelier, and conversely, a small one would not be enough in a large living room.

Another variable to keep in mind is obviously the color. In fact, dark colors tend to absorb a lot of light, much more than light ones.

So, depending on our need, we take this factor into account. A chandelier must be proportionate to the environment in which it is intended to be placed.


Let’s now analyze the shape of the living room chandelier.

If the ceilings in the room are very low, it is not recommended the use of chandeliers that extend in length.

In fact, in addition to creating a bad taste visual impact, they can also create real problems with the circulation in the room.

In addition, a chandelier placed too low illuminates much less than one placed at the top.

The ideal, in the case of a low ceiling, is to choose a ceiling light which does not steal further space from the environment.

If the ceiling is high, we can dare important chandeliers and also with a particular shape, in this case the chandelier will be a piece of furniture of a certain importance.


Finally, for the materials we can choose Murano glass or crystal if we are going to place the chandelier in the living room, if instead we have to put the chandelier in the bedrooms we can opt for lighter materials such as plexiglass or hard plastic.

In the children’s rooms we can put rice paper chandeliers which are widely used, or of cloth and wood.

In any case, as I said before, the chandelier must harmonize with the furniture, therefore also the material and the color of which it is made it must be chosen according to the type and style of the furniture.


The light in the living room, as in all the other rooms of the house, is naturally reflected by the objects present, the furniture and the walls also by virtue of the color.

In fact, if the room has light walls they usually tend there are no particular difficulties in the overall lighting of the environment, which on the contrary does not happen in the presence of dark walls where it will be necessary to compensate for the loss of brightness through t the use of LED chandeliers.

So, we renew the question: how to choose the ideal chandelier for the living room?

The LED chandelier for the living room represents an excellent compromise when it comes to living room lighting.

This is because this solution allows you to combine perfectly style, design and modernity allowing at the same time to significantly reduce electricity costs, without however to affect the intensity of light.

The multiple solutions made up of LED technology usually give maximum expression of what modern chandeliers can be. living room.

They can in fact be suspended and are usually characterized from a body in steel or similar material more or less worked according to the style, pendants or mirror accessories that in addition to aesthetics have a functional character.

In fact, they allow to adequately reflect light, determining pleasant games able to make the environment even more suggestive and impactful.

If a modern living room chandelier is out of place, you can always opt for a more classic style, however always adequate the type of furniture chosen for this environment.

Classic living room chandeliers usually present a more refined style where details make the difference.

In fact, they can be made of glass, crystal, or in modern and hi-tech materials, they are usually suspended while having large and rather imposing dimensions.


In any case, to optimize the choice of the classic living room chandelier, it will be appropriate to coordinate it as much as possible with the shades present in the environment in order to make the stay more harmonious overall.

If the difficulty lies precisely in the choice of color, it is alternatively possible to focus on neutral shades such as white or on glass and crystal as primary components of the chandelier.

In fact, in this way the chromatic combination will influence significantly also the lighting making it more lively and vibrant, while not causing excessive brightness.


If it is necessary to illuminate a small living room it is important to opt for a chandelier of adequate size, preferably below 50 cm in diameter.

In fact, there are commercially available solutions suitable for every type of need whether you prefer chandeliers consisting of a single central body, or whether the choice falls on several elements that hang from the ceiling.

If on the contrary the size of the living room is rather important, instead, it is necessary to opt for a large living room chandelier, with a diameter greater than 50cm / 100cm, in order to provide the room with adequate lighting.

The ideal living room chandelier height does not exist. Indeed, everything varies according to the height of the ceiling, because low ceilings, they will require light bodies of limited height, the opposite in the presence of rather high ceilings.

It is therefore important to evaluate the proportions without falling into excesses.

chandelier-living room


In most cases, when furnishing or renovating your home, the choice of the chandelier is always postponed to the last.

Unfortunately, in these cases, it is a decidedly underestimated choice! Few people realize how much a chandelier, especially in the living room, it is important for the design of your home.

In fact, the chandeliers are elements of “weight” and “thickness“, especially if the precious and showy materials are large or carved.

More attention should be paid to this kind of aspect and give greater importance to the chandelier, both in order not to repent at the end of the chosen one, and not to risk finding an element that clashes with the colors or patterns of its design.

In this regard, we advise you first of all to be guided by an expert in the sector in the choice and arrangement of chandeliers and to immediately think about which of these could satisfy their aesthetic and functional needs.

Because let’s not forget, the chandelier as much as it can be a design element, it serves primarily for its function. Rather, illuminate the rooms of your home!


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Do not forget that there is also the possibility of including a DIY lamp in your living room!

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