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A fundamental element of every home’s decor, curtains are able to completely change the face of a room.

The color, the shape and even the type of fabric can make the difference, especially if expertly combined with the furnishing context.

In the specific case, we focus on thecharacteristics and different types of curtains for the living room.

In fact, being one of the most exploited rooms in the house, the one in which guests are received, dinners are organized, conversations are held, it must best express the personality of the hosts.

Yet it is easy to fall into the error of furnishing it with anonymous and impersonal curtains.

How to do it? The important thing is to be clear about what you want to achieve.

In fact, if we imagine a large and bright living room, with furniture with mainly light tones, it would be appropriate to focus on white curtains or however with neutral shades, in classic or panel style.

If instead we want a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our living room, maybe with a slightly ethnic flavor, here we will focus on more colorful curtains, with strong and decisive colors.

Or again, if we love the romantic atmosphere of country houses, pastel shades will be the ideal choice, perhaps with curled curtains. In short, the possibilities are truly endless.


The choice must be made, as we said, evaluating the rest of the room.

First of all, keep in mind that the fabrics of the living room curtains should be different from those of the other rooms in the apartment.

In fact, the curtains must be suitable for the particularities of the room in which they are located, and the living room cannot be compared to a bedroom, a double bedroom, a kitchen or a bathroom.

Consequently, the living room curtains must stand out in the house because of their singularity, which specifically adorns the room where the whole family meets and where friends, relatives and visitors are received.

So if we find ourselves in a living room full of light, it is better to avoid curtains with too intense and bright colors, which tend to fade in the sun.

In fact, in this circumstance, it is preferable to bet on more neutral colors, which easily match the furnishings. The most fitting choice are fabrics such as velvet, linen or silk, which last longer.

In any case, before purchasing it will be essential to carefully take the measurements of the window or French window that you intend to decorate.

The measurement must be made starting from the top, up to the length you want to obtain with respect to the floor. As for the width, remember to add about ten centimeters on both sides.


There are several factors to take into consideration to be sure to choose the curtains that best suit the design of our home.

In fact, especially for the living room, that of curtains cannot be a light hearted choice!

Let’s see these factors together.


A first factor to consider in choosing the living room curtain is the brightness of the environment.

In fact, if the living room is large and bright, you can choose colored, plain or patterned curtains. Heavier fabrics are suitable for significantly reducing the brightness coming from outside.

In addition, depending on the characteristics of your home and the effect you want to achieve, you must carefully evaluate your choice.

If the living room is not very large, the exposure does not help either and the brightness coming from natural light is small, it is necessary to prefer neutral light colored curtains that favor the passage of the sun’s rays.

White, cream are shades suitable for reflecting light and enhancing it. In addition, more lighting in the living room extends the feeling of space in a pleasant way. It gives joy and stimulates mental and physical well-being.


After evaluating the brightness of your home, you need take into consideration the style of the furniture when choosing suitable living room curtains overall image.

The scope of the color choice can be restricted due of the limitations given by space and low brightness, but it is possible to indulge your imagination on the lines and shapes of the living room curtains.

In fact, the fabrics that decorate the living room windows must be combined with the style of the furniture.

If the furniture in the room is characterized by a modern design curtains for the living room must be identified on the basis of this stylistic premise.

On the contrary, if you have chests, bookcases and classic sofas, also the curtains must be influenced by a note of retro taste.

In summary, it is good practice to maintain some consistency in the aspect of all the objects that make our home more beautiful and functional. Then the exceptions confirm the rule.

In fact, in some cases it is possible to apply curtains to the windows that contrast with the prevalent appearance of the apartment’s furniture.

Finally, an example is the case of a white furniture with modern lines that creates a pleasant dissonance with patterned living room curtains.


If your home is furnished in a classic style and you love curtains that stand out and take a leading role in your living room, the best solution is definitely valances.

In fact, the valance lounge curtains are characterized by a portion of fabric applied right on the top of the curtain horizontally.

This arrangement ensures that any aesthetically unpleasant parts are best hidden, like the roller shutter drawers, but also that the living room curtain really takes on a different importance and rises to the role of a real furnishing accessory.

The valances made of particularly fine fabrics, such as velvet, are real luxury classic curtains, perfect to combine on a decor of the same style, they make a beautiful figure also in contrast with a minimal design, which will stand out in even greater measure.

If, on the other hand, the shabby chic style is preferred, the curtains for the living room with valance must be soft in color and pastel shades, with light and soft fabrics, perhaps embellished with embroidery, bows and ribbons.


In addition, another type of classic living room curtains are definitely the double curtains, with a light part underneath for daytime and a part of more solid fabric to be opened in the evening to completely close the window space.

These curtains give a curtain effect highlighting both the window and the surrounding environment and they represent real luxury classic curtains.

Furthermore, if you have a very large window in the living room which, perhaps, opens onto a truly breathtaking panorama, do not hesitate to choose double curtains made with important and precious fabrics.

Be careful, however, how you put the double curtains: the two fabric drapes, in fact, they slide on a single stick or track and are superimposed on each other.

The first tip is to choose contrasting colors and fabrics, that combine with the rest of the furniture and give elegance and refinement together.

To understand how to put double curtains you need to keep in mind that they must always be sewn together, paying attention to the edges and frills to be done at the top to allow the tent to slide well on the stick.

Finally, double curtains are classic luxury curtains that must be made and assembled with the greatest possible care.

living room-curtains

Compared to classic environments, other types of curtains will prevail inmodern environments, that best match a contemporary style.

In fact, the modern living room curtains that are popular are distinguished by the essentiality of the lines and shapes. The simplest elegant curtains for a modern living room are certainly those mounted on a ring or sliding rod.

The ringed living room curtains are mounted on a special rod in which the rings, in fact, represent a fundamental aesthetic element, in addition to allowing you to simply close and open the curtain with a quick gesture.

Ring-shaped curtains are usually made of heavy fabric, colored or neutral, and allow almost total isolation from light and also from noise once closed.


A valid alternative to living room curtains with rings, to furnish a modern living room, are undoubtedly the panel curtains.

In fact, panel or blind curtains represent an excellent choice for spaces where you don’t indulge in the excesses of decorations.

The window compartment is covered in an essential way, without overabundance of fabric. White is the most popular color for this curtain type.

The sun’s rays that can annoy are blocked, but a certain natural brightness of the environment is maintained.

Panel or Roman blinds are suitable not only for modern style houses, but also for houses with industrial style furniture, for example.

living room-curtains

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