Moving house is never easy, and not just because of all that moving may entail. You may end up in the situation where a room has a completely different shape than the same room in the previous house. Sometimes this problem is encountered when the living room changes shape, because perhaps the shape of the living room in the new house is square. So, how to furnish a square living room? Where to place furniture and which walls to furnish in a square living room. What style to choose for the room.


First of all, it will be necessary to take into account the size of the living room, in order not to create an environment too full and static. Exactly, if your space is small, avoid piling furniture on top of furniture, especially on the walls. Also, to avoid this assemblage, consider the fact that you only need to put in furniture that has real functionality. Avoid putting, for example, a piece of furniture with a TV, if you never turn on the TV. On the other hand, if you are struggling with a very large square living room, you will have the opportunity to indulge. You will be able to make several zones in one room. You can design a reading area, a bar area, a play area with TV and/or table for board games, bookcase and so on.

living room-square


The square floor plan can be a bit difficult to furnish, especially when you have to organize different functional areas inside it: such as dining and conversation areas. In fact, since the walls of the living room are the same length and equidistant from each other, the environment has a lot of space in the center and, on the other hand, walls “broken” by the openings. In principle, a living room like this lends itself more easily to round tables, to be placed in a corner of the room. But depending on your needs and the size of the room, you can find alternative solutions. Furnishing a square living room will not be a walk in the park at all, without a complete vision of the type of environment you want to create.


The square living room also has enough space for a small play area, for example for children, or a study corner. Create a small map of your living room before decorating it and cut out a corner in proportion to the size you need.

This way you can assess, before you act, how much space you have available to create a themed area in the square living room. Obviously, such a choice means that you have to sacrifice some of the space of the sofa, as well as the plan to put a bookcase or other furniture in the same space. But you will still have enough space for your relaxation and at the same time a multi-functional area for other purposes.


The proposed square living room solution has the fireplace as its focal point and is constrained by the large number of openings, six between doors and windows. Considering that the living room borders the kitchen, it was decided to leave a sort of corridor next to the kitchen to be used, if necessary, as a “dining room”. How? Simply open the table-console set against the wall, moving the two armchairs to the sides, appropriately chosen to complete the living room and easy to handle to make room for dining.

Centred on the wall, the fireplace is the fulcrum of the composition: on the opposite side it is counterpointed by a wall equipped with a TV stand. All seating has a layout that encourages conversation and can enjoy the warmth of the hearth. The console table in everyday life has a decorative function and is convenient as a table top. For only a few items, though, since they have to be removed every time you use it. A table lamp adds a point of light and sets the mood. A tall cabinet, organized with closed elements and open shelves, meets the different needs of the living room. Plus, with the solids and voids, it visually lightens the wall.


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