Where to place furniture and which walls to furnish in a square living room. What style to choose for the room.

A verdant plant in one corner, a mighty sofa next to the wall and the television in front of you: it takes little to be happy in the living room, savouring the tasty flavour of the end of the day. However, the size of this room could become a tricky obstacle to get around when furnishing it: a square living room can be limiting. But don’t despair: there are solutions that will give a new visual dimension to the room, making you forget that you are in a square place.


If you have designated the square room to be your living room, it will be useful to start drawing up a small plan to exploit its full potential. As a first step, take the actual measurements of the room, so you will understand how much space you can work with.

In a square living room, in fact, collecting twenty armchairs, two sofas and eight shelves is not a good idea: it will be better to choose the essentials, such as one or two armchairs, a bookcase and a coffee table.

If the square living room, on the other hand, is very large, this will allow you to indulge as you like. It will also give you the opportunity to conceal the shape of the living room with built-in bookcases or screens that will act on the optical effects.

When you have ascertained the essential furniture for your relaxation, the game of tetris will begin to determine where they should be placed. In the square living room sometimes do not stand out enough furniture or decorations placed near the wall. They could be overshadowed by the repetitiveness of the room.

For this reason, it might also be an idea to paint one wall that you want to highlight over the others. You will be able to break free from the geometric homogeneity of equal and equidistant walls.

living room-square


Let’s start with an essential premise: furniture should not be attached to the wall. There is the risk, in fact, that they seem too static, giving the impression of being in a claustrophobic and heavy place.

The square living room is already not very dynamic, so you’ll have to shake it up a bit. You might think, for example, to put the three-seater sofa away from the wall, opposite the wall where the television will go.

The television cabinet will also need to be far enough away from the wall. For the color of the material, you canbuy it in a contrasting color to the shade of the wall, to have a stronger area.

The bookcase could go on the wall to the right of the sofa but not too high. Recalculating the lengths of the room too much risks accentuating them without having a dynamic effect.

Finally, you can make theroom warmer with a shag rug . It will have the function of delimiting the relaxation area, completely detached from the rest of the room, so as to escape the asphyxiating geometries.

Then, to soften the bare look of the corners, you could put a tall, round-topped coffee table in the gaps between one wall and another.

Another idea might be to arrange the furniture in a way that creates a minimum of perspective when you enter the room. For example, choosing the fireplace as a reference point, we can arrange sofas and armchairs perpendicular to it.


Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all style that will always work for the square living room. The choice will depend a lot on your personal taste and especially on the general size of the room.

However, since there is a need to lighten up the room, the Scandinavian style has soft lines and light spots that can help a lot. For example, with its soft fabric sofas in muted colours and rounded short pile carpets, we could have a very relaxed and natural living room.

Usually the Scandinavian style has a fairly neutral color palette, with white, ivory or cream. However, enjoy creating contrasting points with the rest of the colors. In fact, use an element with stronger colors such as emerald green or cobalt blue for this purpose. For this, you could purchase an upholstered chair or a colorful armchair to put in the corner you want to enhance.

If, on the other hand, your living room belongs to a much larger space, joining a mighty plexus, we might think about a classic style. This choice, in fact, is not too bulky but, thanks to its fine materials and eye-catching features, distracts attention from the square plan of the room.

You can place two white sofas across from each other, with a wooden coffee table to divide the space, always dampening the walls and equal size.

One style to avoid might be modern. Sometimes, in fact, focusing a lot on lines and geometries would emphasize the square aspect of the room, making you feel like in a Rubik’s cube. However, if you are a fan of it, try to prefer more rounded furniture and design objects, such as a sofa with a round back or an armchair with rounded arms.


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