Do you have an attic but don’t know how to furnish it? Do you find that there are so many unusable spaces? So here are some helpful tips on how to take advantage of low attic corners! Many different solutions can be realized for every need.

The attic can be used in many different ways. In fact, it is an extra space in which you can make real additional rooms.

In any case, however, you should always plan carefully how to furnish it. In fact, it has some low corners that can take away valuable space if you fail to take advantage of them.

The basic rule of thumb is to put low furniture in these spots so that they don’t bump into the ceiling. Some can even be custom made, but you don’t always need to.


The attic can be used to create a real walk-in closet. In fact, there is usually a need for a separate space, and if you can’t get it in the bedroom, the attic can be a great alternative.

In particular, in this way it is possible to exploit every corner, even the lowest ones. You can put chests of drawers where there is little height available or even have custom cabinets made, following the entire perimeter of the room.

As an alternative, rods can simply be fixed in the lower corners of the attic. You’ll need them to hang your shirts.

Another solution is to mount low shelves and place your accessories, such as handbags, belts and sunglasses on them.


Very often the attic is used to create a bedroom. In fact, it is seen as a more private place, therefore ideal for the sleeping area.

In this case, it is crucial to understand where to place the bed. The best solution for not wasting even an inch of the available space is to put the bed right at the bottom corner of the attic.

It should be noted that this idea works for bothboys’ bedrooms and a master bedroom. In the first case, the cot may also be arranged sideways, so that one side is attached to the wall.

In the case of a double bed, however, it would be better to place the headboard at the corner. If you have your window right in that spot, it could be very romantic to fall asleep looking at the stars.

However, to prevent sunlight from waking you up early in the morning, it is always recommended to put up blinds in this case.


The attic is a quiet place, ideal for a small studio where you can work undisturbed. In this case, the desk is what you need to place in the lowest corner.

In fact, since it is a piece of furniture that is not too high, it will not hit the ceiling. If you are short on space, you can opt for a wall-mounted desk.

It is a kind of shelf that attaches to the wall, in this way you will not have the clutter of the feet and the rest of the structure. They are also found in small sizes.

If the low angle is at the window, your countertop will also be well lit. If not, get a lamp to put on your desk.


Larger attics are often used as studios. In this case it is really very important to use all the space available, even the lowest corners.

It is precisely in these spots, for example, that you can place kitchen counters. Clearly, you won’t have to cook right on the shelf at the low ceiling, but you can still use it to store pots or other cooking utensils inside.



If you want to create a sort of relaxation area in the attic, ideal for recreation, you must furnish it with a sofa and a TV. By the way, both are perfect for taking advantage of low attic corners.

If these are the right distance apart, the best solution is to place the TV and sofa in the two opposite low corners, so that they face each other.

Otherwise, place only one of the two at the low point of the attic. The other, however, will have to be placed on another wall.


If you are an avid reader, you will definitely enjoy having an area where you can read quietly and you can take advantage of the attic for this.

In particular, in the low corners you can build a kind of custom bookcase by mounting several shelves. In this case, corner shelves canalso be a good idea.



Finally, one last idea to make use of the low corners of the attic is to make a green corner. In fact, the attic must also be adorned with plants and flowers.

The best solution, therefore, is to put them right at the lowest point. This way it won’t be left empty, in fact it will be very nice to look at.


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