Even the masonry bathroom is proposed as a popular solution, strong systems that know how to take advantage of even the most modern aesthetics, where the concrete is the master and where the lines are able to propose more essential.


The masonry bathroom can therefore remain faithful to the rustic and even shabby taste, or vote for a more industrial and modern style.

  • First of all, what matters is to employ a strong basic structure, where masonry is the absolute protagonist.
  • The trick to giving life to a comfortable and aesthetically enviable environment is to have large spaces, because the masonrybathroom asks to have large volumes in order to manifest itself at its best.

Let’s take a look at some examples of masonry bathrooms for those looking for inspiration on the subject.


If you already have a bathroom remodel in the works, this is something to seriously consider. With the masonry bathroom, in fact, you decide the structure but also the style. The result will be an environment that is practical, easy to clean, durable and unique in design.

In addition, depending on your tastes, needs and style, you can create a striking masonry shower or even a masonry bathtub, or opt for a convenient built-in tub.

Equally important for proper design are the technical aspects related to the structure of the room:

  • Available space
  • Regular or irregular shape
  • Arrangement of water connections
  • Light exposure

Designing such a bathroom means managing and optimizing the space available to the maximum.

One of the reasons why it is chosen is precisely the possibility of designing custom furniture, customized and space-saving solutions that allow you to combine practicality with the stylistic sophistication given by theinnate elegance of masonry structures.

Theenvironment is visually harmonious and compact, and the uniformity of the materials, used in a continuous manner for all elements of furniture create a visual continuum fluid and reassuring. Specifically:

  • Support planes
  • Drawers
  • Shelves
  • Wall cabinets
  • Tub
  • Masonry shower enclosure
  • Masonry sink

What could be better for an intimate and relaxing environment like the bathroom?

The style of this type of bathroom can change drastically based on the choice of wall materials and based on the architectural design.

The latter can follow a classic line or veer towards unusual arrangements and combinations. Stylistic solutions of great scenic impact or minimal and modern compositions.



Very often we tend to believe that masonry construction, for bathroom or kitchen, is suitable only in country or rustic style environments, but it is not necessarily so. It is possible, in fact, to make such a bathroom that has a modern style. Of course, you need to carefully choose the arrangement of furniture and the finish you want to use. In this way, with the right accessories modern style will not be a mirage.

On the market there are many products that can be used to finish masonry structures without having to resort to tiles, such as resins that have experienced an increasing development in recent years due to their versatility. The important thing in completing a project that fully satisfies you and reflects your expectations is to prepare carefully and evaluate all important aspects first. At that point, all you will have to do is choose the right materials and colors and you will be ready to create your modern bathroom.


In order to achieve a result of contemporary imprint, it is necessary to divide and optimize well the spaces and walls through:

  • Dry and essential design furniture
  • Sanitary ware and suspended furniture
  • Walls without tiles
  • Light base colors in contrast with dark colors

The modern masonry bathroom is also creative, and definitely never mundane.

Green light to contamination of styles, association of very different materials:

  • Creation of partitions to create corners of privacy
  • Hi-tech faucets in contrast with built-in or freestanding vintage style bathtub
  • Masonry shower or bathtub with porcelain tiles
  • Irregular compositions, minimal lines, design details

In addition to porcelain stoneware, which comes in many different effects (wood effect, natural stone, cement), the materials most commonly used to create a modern atmosphere are resin, enamel, varnish and slaked lime.

In short, there is a wide selection of materials, compositions, colors and details to choose from to make a rustic style masonry bathroom full of personality and responding to particular needs.

Be it a bathroom with a large masonry shower, a small bathroom with a masonry shower or a large masonry shower, if not even a bathroom with a bathtub masonry shower.


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