Interior design for 2021 focuses on the use of innovative, eco-sustainable and functional materials . The aim is to make the most of domestic spaces, which have become an increasingly important part of our daily lives. Discover the new trends of 2021.

Resistance, innovation, sustainability and functionality are undoubtedly the words that best express the 2021 trends in interior design. Four words that refer to a new way of conceiving domestic spaces. The spread of the coronavirus epidemic has revolutionized the way we live.

In fact, home environments have become the place to relax and enjoy free time, but also the place of work with smart working, or a space for conviviality. At home, we also had to carve out space for physical activity. In short, an epoch-making revolution that translates into a real transformation of the home.

For this reason,interior design has also sought new ideas and solutions to allow us to make the most of every space in the house. A research that is expressed in theuse of eco-sustainable but also resistantmaterials. A return to nature with the use of wood, marble, glass and new organic materials, the result of recycling products such as paper, plastic bottles, cans and metals. But also processing waste that is recycled and given new life.

The other key aspect is functionality. Make the most of the space in your home by reducing frills to a minimum and focusing on the essentials. Our home must be functional and practical to allow us to live in the best possible way every corner that becomes multifunctional.


The Wood is undoubtedly the undisputed protagonist of this new season. Coming from organic cultivations, wood is what best expresses the return to nature and environmental sustainability. This material, in fact, is completely recyclable, but also resistant, insulating and usable in many forms and applications.

So not only wooden furniture, but also wall and floor coverings. A house furnished with wooden elements is cozy, warm and well insulated. The 2021 home decor trend favours theuse of light wood, inspired by Scandinavia, but there is also a return to the shabby chic style.



Another material that has claimed a prominent role in 2021 is glass. Of natural origin and absolutely recyclable, glass is the ideal material for those who want bright, but also clean and welcoming environments.

The transparency of glass gives a feeling of depth to rooms, making them appear larger and more spacious. Stained or decorated glass is also widely used to give a touch of colour and sophistication to rooms.


Also the Marble is one of the most widely used materials in 2021. Recyclable, durable and hygienic, it lends itself to many uses. Its rather high cost, makes it more suitable for those who want a refined and elegant space. A home covered entirely in marble could come across as unwelcoming and cold. In fact, for this reason marble can be used to give a touch of style to a wall, or as a covering in the kitchen or for tops. In fact, bathroom, on the other hand, creates a hygienic and elegant environment.

Marble, as we have already said, is recyclable and its processing scraps are used to create not only unique and original design objects, but also mixed with natural resin to create innovative materials that can be used in many new applications.


The trend in recent years, not just in 2021, is towards a conscious use of the planet’s resources. The development of a green conscience has led to the search for new eco-sustainable raw materials. Environmental sustainability also translates into the recycling of materials that thus take on a second life and allow a more efficient use of resources.

This gives rise to new materials, in some cases the result of years of research. These innovative materials include some products resulting from the recycling of food products, but also of cans, plastic or paper. These materials are then used not only for the creation of unique furnishing objects, but in some cases they also become the basis for the creation of furniture or coverings.

  • HPL (which stands for High Pressure Laminate) is a plastic laminate that is scratch-resistant, hygienic, heat-resistant and easy to clean. It is obtained by overlapping several layers of Kraft paper and plastic material.
  • Laminam is a panel with a ceramic surface, an evolution of porcelain stoneware.
  • Melamine. These are chipboard sheets coated with a resin-impregnated paper.
  • MDF: panels obtained by mixing wood fibres, glues and resins.
  • Hygienic and antibacterial Fenix, used for surfaces such as kitchen or bathroom tops. Obtained from acrylic resins.

All these materials have the advantage of being durable, hypoallergenic, hygienic and easy to clean. Because of these characteristics, they lend themselves perfectly to the creation of furnishing elements or as coverings.


As far as fabrics are concerned, home decor also focuses on raw materials of natural origin. Fabrics such as linen, cotton, jute, hemp, but also velvet are back in a predominant way. The latter in particular is used for upholstery of armchairs and sofas, in combination with the color blue, along with gold among the trendy colors of 2021.


Lighting takes a central role in the 2021 furnishing trends. Bright and essential environments, enhanced not only by the choice of designer lighting sources, but also by natural light. Objective: to enhance the domestic spaces. In this direction, open spaces are becoming increasingly popular and the divisions between the various rooms in the house are being eliminated or enhanced with glass doors or materials that give more light to the rooms.



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