Whether it’s welcoming guests or adding sleeping space, sofa beds are ideal for your home. Among the many questions that will assail you when buying a sofa bed, one of the most feared is: which mattress to choose? Follow our advice and choosing the mattress that best suits your needs will become very simple.

A sofa bed is a versatile and very practical piece of furniture and is the perfect solution when we need an extra bed in the house and have no space.

Whether you use it to sleep regularly, or reserved for guests who stop at home from time to time, the choice of the sofa bed mattress deserves the same attention as the main bed. In fact, for a good rest it is essential to choose a mattress that can guarantee the right support for the body.



Thinking about the needs and the use you will make of the sofa bed is essential in your choice.

If you are looking for a sofa bed to use on a daily basis, you will surely want to make sure that it offers maximum comfort and support especially as a bed to sleep on.

If, on the other hand, the idea is to use it as a piece of furniture and you only sleep sporadically, you can choose a more common model. In this case, just make sure that it offers a high level of comfort as a seat.

Depending on how you will use it, you may need an easy and quick opening system to avoid complications. You can choose from a large variety of models and ways to open it that will depend on your spaces and tastes. You can choose between those that open like a book where the backrest folds up, the sliding ones or the foldable ones.

Always evaluate the space available to use your sofa bed both open and closed and remember to always leave a few centimeters more so that, even if open, there is enough space for passage.


The mattresses are the soul of the sofa bed and are designed to comfortably fit the sofa bed mechanism and then folded when not in use. They are similar to traditional mattresses but in a thinner version to allow the mattress to fold.

Sofa bed mattresses can have different thicknesses and the choice will depend on the comfort required and also on the budget available. The thickness of the mattress is important to ensure the right support of the body during rest. Usually they range from 10 cm to a maximum of 22 cm.

They are available in 2/3 seater variants or even for single armchairs.


The combination of sweet dreams and sofa bed usually does not mix well. A common problem with sofa beds is that the supplied mattress is too thin to sleep on. Most of the time you are likely to feel the bars below while you sleep and, if you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you might associate a sofa bed with some form of torture rather than an elegant piece of furniture.

However, thanks to the latest technologies and designs, the mattresses can be changed to more comfortable and efficient models.

You can choose between different types of mattresses that best suit your needs.


The spring mattress is the one that has been used by default for sofa beds for years. This is an inexpensive mattress and is known to be the least comfortable due to its stiffness. They are designed in such a way that, despite having springs, they can be easily folded. Their biggest advantage is that they have optimal breathability.



Pocket spring mattresses are the most expensive spring variant as they provide a more comfortable sleep experience.

In this case, each sprung is individually sewn into its own fabric pocket, allowing for a smoother movement that does not disturb the sleep of a hypothetical person sleeping next to you. They are mattresses suitable for those suffering from sleep disorders or muscle aches as the pocket springs allow the mattress to provide support to relieve the pressure of your body where you need it most.


Memory Foam mattresses are the most requested in recent years. They are made of viscoelastic, a material developed by NASA with the aim of relieving the pressure of the seat, received on the human body, during the launch of a space rocket. Memory Foam mattresses are the most recommended because they ensure a healthy rest with their warm enveloping sensation.

The Memory Foam in fact also acts as a thermoregulator maintaining a constant temperature while you sleep. They are the number one allies against back pain as they allow a correct position of the spine.

They are hypoallergenic mattresses that adapt and mold to your body according to the heat and pressure received, offering you unparalleled comfort while you sleep.


Latex mattresses are made with soybeans and rubber trees and are optimal if you are looking for a firmer mattress and an environmentally friendly solution. Latex mattresses ensure that all points of our body are perfectly supported and this promotes blood circulation as it minimizes pressure points.

Unlike Memory Foam, the latex mattress has greater elasticity which translates into a “constant thrust” that manages to maintain the right balance with our body. They are hypoallergenic and breathable mattresses.


If you want to choose a latest generation mattress, the one in Waterlily is definitely ideal for your sofa bed. They are ecological mattresses, in fact their very term means water lily. In addition, they are made byprocessing water with carbon dioxide and not with chemical additives as is the case with other types of mattress.

They are mattresses with high breathability as they are made of natural materials and are resistant to moisture. The Waterlily mattress has a greater consistency than the Memory Foam one and is therefore the ideal choice if you prefer a more rigid mattress.


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