Furnishing the bathroom in a modern style is not a problem now. In fact, there are solutions and ideas that perfectly meet the needs dictated by individual spaces. Whether you have a small or a more spacious environment, the possible solutions are endless.

Elegant and formal, the home bathroom can be transformed into a modern and updated room. For example in technological terms, it can be innovative to install a system to reduce water consumption or a shower head that regulates the intensity of the jet.

Also, enhancing by choosing a series of functional furniture for the best possible organization makes the room simpler and more comfortable to live in.

The important thing is to have clear ideas: even if the choice of furniture for the modern bathroom is strongly influenced by the space available, even small modern bathrooms can contain all the elements necessary for a peaceful usability.

Let’s try to suggest some solutions.


The ideas of modern bathroom furniture all pass through the concept of essentiality. In fact, whether they are the coverings or the furnishings, the rule is only one, avoid overloading. Green light for minimal style!

If you choose tiles, do not exclude materials such as PVC, parquet, the same wood, stone, or concrete that gives wonderful effects. They are innovative bathroom ideas but they will also surprise you for their overall performance.

If you like mosaic, know that it is back in vogue, as long as you don’t intend to use it on an entire wall. The mosaic in the bathroom must be a completion, almost a piece of furniture rather than a covering. The drawings should highlight rather than fill, especially in a small bathroom where you risk putting too much.

Pay attention to the choice of colour in the modern bathroom, because tones that are too dark risk weighing down and darkening the environment. In fact, opt for light colors and vivid tones that amplify and brighten the space. Finally, never single-colored bricks, you risk compromising their beauty and relevance.



Modern bathroom fixtures are very stylish. The best ones, to immediately give a chic and current touch, are those without a base: total white, with taps in polished, matt steel or white too. The shapes must be very clean, square or rounded on the edges. Avoid models with decorated and raised profiles.


Bathtub or shower? The modern bathroom with shower is clearly the easiest to compose and the most up-to-date, especially in small rooms.

In reality, there are tanks of the most disparate, compact, essential lines, and suitable for being inserted in all available compartments. If you do not want to opt for the greater practicality of the shower, the possible solutions include spaces created in the floor, if this is on the ground level.

If you prefer a shower, choose one that responds to the style of your bathroom. For example, essential and minimalist, with steel elements and not very showy, separated from the rest of the environment by glass or crystal.

Forget the masonry compartment now out of fashion. One last thing: for a modern style, fake droplets are banned, or the opaque I see I don’t see. In fact, these accessories are not part of the bathroom design ideas.

Of course one of the crucial points for a modern bathroom furniture is the taps. There are some companies that make excellent proposals to furnish the bathroom with luxurious and hi-tech accessories. A perfect solution if you are looking for original bathroom ideas.

Sinuous and clean shapes are preferred for the sinks, which make the design bathroom absolutely chic. To avoid, however, brass and copper, decidedly retro!


Here, too, you tip the balance of choice on essential shapes and quantities: the furniture in a modern bathroom is usually almost invisible. The smaller the volume, the less obviously the choice of furniture will be, but the modern style still requires greater participation and complementarity of the elements.

Both for small and larger rooms, shelves are preferred rather than furniture to furnish the modern bathroom. However, if you need the latter, the solutions are disparate and include furniture to be positioned where you have the opportunity or wall-mounted cabinets.

Whatever the space, the important thing is to guarantee airiness and breath, without forgetting that the bathroom is above all a relaxing environment. Play on contrasts, if you like colors, or focus on white lacquered white. The bamboo, wood and glass are also excellent.

Finally, the mirrors, for the modern bathroom, cannot be missing! Choose them design, with steel finishes, or absolutely nude, in line with the mood chosen to furnish the bathroom.

Another fundamental and not obvious element are the chairs or seats. Combined with the sense of general airiness, this element will prove to be not only beautiful but also very useful.

What about lighting? Forget the old spotlights and prefer a modern chandelier with a round line and full of light, just like those usually designed for the living room. Finally, place a tall and luxuriant bathroom plant in a vase with a design that also recalls that of the sanitary ware.


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