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Who among us does not dream of a modern garden? For those lucky enough to own an outdoor area, garden furniture becomes almost as important as home decor. In this article, you will have the chance to discover important information about how to make your garden perfect and suitable for your style needs.

The possibilities are endless: it will be enough to adapt your budget to a maniacal organization of the details to make everything in line with our taste.

In fact, everyone has their own perfect modern garden in mind: for some it should have a swimming pool with a sunbathing area, for others a relaxation and convivial area, for others just a well-kept lawn.


Modern gardens were born from the need to create an outdoor space that is a continuation of the indoor one, as if it were an additional room. Since the initial planning is crucial, it is advisable to consult an expert. Below is a summary of average costs.

The costs cover two phases:

  • the design phase, where the price per 100 square meters ranges from 100 to 200 euros;
  • the realization phase, where instead the price ranges from 1500 to 2000 euros.


This type of garden is minimalist and elegant, particularly attentive to the shapes and architectural elements that are part of it. It can be interpreted in different ways, depending on your needs and space, but basically it has a sober and minimalist character.
Today, in fact, the spaces at our disposal are smaller than in the past and we need to create a green area even in a few square meters.
Modern gardens are different from the more stately English or geometric Italian gardens. They are more like Japanese ones, especially in their essentiality.
The defining characteristics of the modern garden are:

  • Clean and essential lines but particular from the aesthetic point of view;
  • ample space for shaded areas;
  • separation between areas and playing with height differences;
  • arrangement of the elements in an asymmetrical but not random manner;
  • no to excess: few elements and essential furnishings;
  • set of plants (palettes) simple and in harmony with each other;

The rule is that plants should be arranged in a straight line, as this gives a greater sense of order. Not all experts, however, agree: many prefer to create a less artificial, more personalized set.
The risk of this particular style is that of obtaining a result that is too fake, in which nature seems almost caged in, which is why not everyone likes it.
The advantage, however, is having a space that is simple, tidy and easy to maintain if well organized initially.


The modern garden should be well integrated into the landscape and in harmony with the features of your home. The project starts with a study of the surrounding elements and a functional subdivision of the space, so that the overall impression is one of order.

Several well-defined areas are created: the dining or relaxation area, the area dedicated to the actual garden and possibly a driveway.


Each element in the modern garden must follow its own nature and be given the proper space to grow in size.

Generally we insert a few plants with a slender and elegant shape, so that they stand out without weighing down the garden. Succulents are often used and in particular aeonium, agave, equistace, reeds or palms.

Hedge plants are also usually provided as perimeter fencing. For modern gardens, the cypress is particularly suited to this function.
If you don’t want to have a standard result, add a touch of colour, choosing carefully the flowers, discreet and placed in strategic points, for example at the corners.

There are many styles to take inspiration from for the modern garden: from rocky to English, from tropical to Zen-inspired. If you have a “green thumb” give free rein to your creativity, on the contrary rely on our advice, going also to consult other articles dedicated to outdoor areas, both as regards the most suitable flowers and plants, and as regards the furniture. This will give you a complete and detailed overview of the topic.


In the modern garden little space is left for the lawn, which is always very short, because the intention is to create an extension of the house, with the inclusion of specific outdoor furniture.

In fact, small building works are also required, including paving and masonry, but without suffocating nature. It usually has a few carefully selected elements, placed in strategic points, such as an area with white sand or gravel or pebbles, for example Carrara marble.

Small areas paved with wood, teak or suitably durable materials are also very fashionable.

Often these gardens include an outdoor living area where you can enjoy moments of relaxation. You can also think about a lighting system, for example with spotlights positioned on the floor, luminescent vases or LED installations on the furniture structures. This way you can make use of the space even in the dark.

Since the design must take into account space and size, especially if the area available to you is small, always consult a gardener or landscaper for the best result, many of whom use specific software to give you a realistic idea of how modern gardens will look.

modern garden furnishing tips

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