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When it comes to living room furnishings, some dream of a large space, with refined design pieces, clean lines and neutral colors. Today we talk about a modern living room, which as a definition contains many styles that are able to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Think of the minimal and industrial style: they are definitely two perfect examples of styles that come to mind when it comes to modern style. With sober shapes and colors, few furniture and accessories will be enough to make your living room a modern art gallery!

When you have to furnish your living room for the first time, it is easy to get too enthusiastic and buy lots of furniture, maybe even of different styles. If you want a modern-style living room, you should avoid making rash purchases, but plan well every corner of the room. The modern style stands out for being well thought out and each object must be in its place, entering into harmony with the rest of the furnishings.

The first thing that comes to mind is: what color do I paint the walls of the modern living room? The question is very simple: the more neutral the walls, the easier it will be to combine modern furniture and decorations. Opt for a color like cream or turtledove. You can paint a single wall with a more original color, giving a personal touch to the living room.


Choose furniture with a simple design, to be arranged consistently to create a calm and harmonious whole. The furniture with clean lines, like those of the minimal style, are ideal for a modern living room. Give importance to shapes! A rectangular coffee table goes very well with a simple corner sofa. Just the sofa must be the center of the living room furnishings: choose a quality one that can last over time. The choice of color is fundamental: opt for neutral colors, so you can combine it with different colors according to the season or your mood. Gray, beige and black sofas are highly recommended.

Remember that the perfect lines for a modern space are simple and well defined. Choose a dark rectangular coffee table, in cold materials such as metal. Pair it with the wooden TV cabinet: choose naturally dark woods such as walnut and wenge, which will give a more natural look to the atmosphere. Complete the picture of the necessary furniture with a modern bookcase, which can also be a little more original than the other furniture. For example, with slanted or staggered shelves. The ideal would also be to combine a sideboard of the same color and material, to store objects that would break modern harmony.

Obviously a modern living room doesn’t have to be all dark. In fact, you can break the colors with a light carpet or a design pouf, from the same material as the sofa. The general atmosphere of the living room can also be more tending to clear. Choose shades of gray and combine them with accessories in colors such as sage green, mustard yellow or burgundy.

modern-living room


After choosing the furniture, it’s time to decorate! Here too, do not go crazy. Choose a few statement pieces that can create a focal point in your living room.

A central element of the decoration is the floor lamp: the “Arco” model designed by Achille Castiglioni is beautiful and iconic. Choose it in silver metal for an incredible effect. Do not neglect the lighting with original shape ceiling lights: they will help to make the environment less serious.

If you have a shelf available, decorate it with your favorite books and accessories in neutral colors, such as small pots with succulents. Combine other wall decorations: opt for minimal prints or black and white photographs framed in simple black or white frames.

In a modern living room there is also space for artistic elements: a Plexiglas armchair, a coffee table with extravagant shapes or modern paintings will play in your favor.

Also consider a modern watch: we have collected three examples to give you inspiration!


Too many different materials can be confusing. Then choose a main material to use for most of the furniture, such as solid wood, and add two or three other materials for the accessories. This allows furniture and accessories to integrate harmoniously with each other. Dark wood and metal are by far the most suitable materials for a modern living room.

As for the fabrics, choose them soft and delicate to create atmosphere to ensure that the modern look does not seem cold. Light cushions in synthetic fur, warm blankets and soft rugs help to harmonize the environment.

Remember that often modern is synonymous with minimal: choose plain fabrics or with not too complex geometric shapes.

modern-living room

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