Today we’re going to discover the appeal of having a pure Japanese-style open space. The charm of oriental culture meets modern design for a unique combination of style and elegance… if you’re wondering how to decorate home in Japanese style, without sacrificing a contemporary touch so as to implement the perfect meeting of modern and zen, you are probably in the right place, the place where you will discover how to best combine the different elements.

The Japanese style is a well-defined style of furniture that is particularly characterized by essential lines and simple combinations, which is why the meeting with modern design and minimalist inspiration allows a perfect fusion of genres. Let’s find out together how modern stylecan be combined beautifully in our Asian-inspired open space!



The open space environment is of paramount importance within Japanese culture. It, in fact, has the task of putting in contact internal and external and to create a harmonious space free of constraints and forced closures. It will be necessary to create a type of furniture with a minimalist character that incorporates within it the living area, kitchen and, in some cases, even the sleeping area.

What characterizes the Japanese house is the linearity of the furnishings, but above all the lack of redundancy, clutter and confusion. Because what inspires the Japanese lifestyle and consequently the home is minimalism, which yearns for rough simplicity. In order to have a Japanese-style home, the task will therefore be to subtract, rather than to furnish: banned knick-knacks or various trinkets, but also paintings on the walls and carpets (that are not tatami). The imperative must be rigor and essentiality.


The light of an open space in Japanese style will never be too strong and invasive, but rather will be placed several light sources with warm and soft light. Candles should never be missing: they will brighten your sleep and create a pleasant atmosphere in your company.

Don’t forget to put lots of green plants inside the open space: they will find their ideal habitat thanks to the large amount of natural light coming from the windows and will furnish the environment with a natural touch.



Japanese houses are characterized by the presence of large spaces. So organizing an open space living room where light and air are free to circulate is the best solution to implement. Large sliding doors and equally impressive windows or balconies are preferred to be combined with simple furniture elements.

The colors should recall the purity of nature and thus succeed in instilling a feeling of peace and tranquility. Also, do not forget to include in your living room plants and a lighting system capable of creating magical atmospheres.


Can’t miss in a Japanese-style open space: cut flower art is one of the few decorations allowed in the Japanese-style home. In the vase, the flowers and branches are arranged to form a triangle. The longest branch, approaching heaven, represents God, the shortest branch represents the earth, and the middle branch represents man. The three forces that make up the world and strive for complete harmony.


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