How to build a bed with pallets, creating DIY bed frames and headboards?

Is it possible to recycle pallets to furnish your home with original furniture, decorating your room with a DIYpallet headboard?

Today the opportunities for furnishing your home are endless, not only in terms of design but also in the cost, which can be very low or very high; in addition to the offers of the market, there are numerous objects of furniture that can be created with DIY or do-it-yourself.

For quite some time now, there has been a trend inhome furnishing to use everyday objects in a different way, saving money and giving new life to objects that are obsolete and no longer needed.

The pallet bed is an example of how to transform objects used for transporting goods (pallets), into low-cost, designer home furnishings.

It’s not a particularly difficult job, but it’s also not something to undertake if you know nothing about DIY.


So, how to build a read? Pallets are a great idea for DIY enthusiasts who would like to build one of the main pieces of furniture in their home themselves.

With the use of pallets, the pallet bed will be customized according to your taste and preference.

In fact, DIY beds have been developing a lot lately!

Online you can admire different types, all of them beautiful to look at and very cheap.

Building a cot with pallets is quite simple!

This is the material you need for a single bed: 2 pallets (the size of the pallets is 80×100 cm), sandpaper, wood protective paint, colored paint, nails, hammer.



Let’s look at the main steps to build a single bed for your son or daughter using pallets:

  1. sandthe pallets with sandpaper so as to make the surface uniform, in particular sand the corners (pay attention to any nails present and check the quality of the wood);
  2. apply wood preservative paint to the surface, perhaps wood cementite.
  3. After the protective wood varnish is dry, apply the coloured varnish according to your taste;
  4. Join the two pallets together with nails to create a unified structure;
  5. If you wish, you can also apply wheels to the base of the pallets, in order to make it easier to move the bed.

In case you would also like to have a DIY headboard for the bed, just add one or two pallets arranged vertically in one of the two shorter sides, following the same procedure.


In addition to the pallet bed, there are furnishings that can be built thanks to the reuse of pallets, such as nightstands to match the bed.

A wall could be decorated by simply using an old pallet used as a book rack, or as an object holder.

You can create a coat rack for your children’s room simply with a pallet, perhaps painted a nice bright color.

Just as the frame for your bed was made, you can use pallets to create smaller ones.


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