Today we’re going to talk about a particular type of stove: mushroom stoves. Its shape resembles that of a mushroom, but a mushroom it is not! This is the heating mushroom, which is an infrared heat generator capable of heating, through radiation, more or less large spaces.

Extremely versatile, the device in question can be used both outdoors and indoors, although it turns out to be the best solution for heating verandas, porches, areas intended for bars or restaurants, gazebos or outdoor gardens of private individuals.


Usually supplied with an LPG gas cylinder that feeds the infrared heating system, mushroom stoves are not only an excellent solution for heat supply, but also a pleasant furnishing accessory, thanks to the different models offered by the market. The outdoor one features a thermal valve that ensures perfect combustion at all powers and stainless steel grates that reduce the carbon monoxide produced during gas combustion.

In the electric “version”, however, the heating principle is that of halogen lamps, which provide heat by heating the nearby environment. But what, specifically, are the differences between the two types of appliances, gas and electric? Let’s break them down a little more closely.



Mushroom stoves have positive aspects, but they also have aspects to watch out for.


Mushroom stoves are safer than common gas stoves, both outdoors and indoors, because they are equipped with a safety device that, in case of tipping, is ready to turn off the device. You can find this feature in the G-Flame thermo mushroom patio heater, having a mushroom shape is ideal for heating an outdoor area of 25 square meters. Practical and transportable does not require a chimney.

Stoves that generate infrared heat also have some disadvantages to which you need to be cautious. For example, if you touch the grill when the appliance is running, you can burn yourself and your skin. Also, if the gas cylinder is running low, the appliance loses power until it shuts off. Therefore, this must be replaced in order to operate it normally and continuously.


It is good to remember that one of the aspects that most like about these types of mushroom stoves is their mobility, in fact, they can be moved with extreme ease, as the system can be transported from area to area, becoming the ideal solution for heating moments of relaxation in the open air. Apart from the mushroom stoves that allow you to heat very large spaces, there are stoves of reduced shape to be placed on tables, suitable for heating small areas in outdoor environments and having a conduction heating mode, also can be used to give more warmth to humid environments.



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