If you have a romantic heart and love the typical atmosphere of the areas in the south of France where endless fields of lavender grow, choose the Provencal style to decorate your home! A style that takes inspiration from the country style, from the ancient and elegant charm typical of the country residences of the past, where the essentiality and frugality are exalted away from the excesses of the modern style. A simple but at the same time refined style, born in Provence and distinguished by its suggestive, romantic and genuine settings. Let’s discover together how to furnish a house in perfect Provencal style!


This style was born naturally in Provence, a region of France characterized by a mild climate, unspoiled fields and idyllic landscapes. Provençal furniture was born over the centuries just by following the natural beauty of these places.

Protagonists of Provencal style furniture are natural materials, especially wood, pickled white or in pastel colors, such as soft blue and lavender. Lavender fields are a characteristic feature of the landscapes of Provence, so it’s only natural that the lavender color is one of the most widely used in Provençal-style decor.


The shabby chic is a style of furniture that has become very popular in recent years: pickled wood, light colors, recycled materials … Distinguish the shabby chic style from the Provencal style can be difficult for an untrained eye. The difference is basically in the colors: those of the Provencal style are, as we said, lavender and white, with some touches of mimosa yellow and Prussian blue; the predominant colors in shabby chic are instead ivory white, beige and gray, to be enriched with touches of red.

The Provencal style also, unlike the shabby chic style that defines any object or piece of furniture has been restored and given a new life, is characterized by furniture with rounded and harmonious lines, inspired by a classicism of the early twentieth century liberty.



Provençal furnishing prefers furniture with an aged look: recovered and repainted or treated with the pickled technique. A Provencal style closet will be perfect if the grain of the wood from which it is made is highlighted as well as its imperfections. A genuine look of the furniture is indeed characteristic of the Provencal style. Sideboards and dressers are ideal furniture to be placed in the home with a prominent place and with the possibility of enhancing the rustic look . In a Provencal bedroom you can not miss then a refined wrought iron bed while a Provencal style bathroom revolves around a tub with support feet. Lavender bouquets and scented candles are everywhere.



This style stimulates all the senses, so the presence of flowers and herbs is important, not only as decorative motifs of fabrics. You can, for example, grow some Provençal herbs such as thyme, rosemary, basil, fennel, sage, marjoram, mint, oregano and savory directly in jars in your kitchen. In the living room you can not miss the typical lavender that you can put in a ceramic vase or a wicker basket.


Let’s talk now about the most suitable color palette to create a perfect Provencal decor. A bit like shabby chic, a Provencal home should favor pastel and dreamy hues, but with an extra chromatic element.

Did you know that lavender is somewhat of a symbol of Provence? That’s why the color of this plant has become over time the absolute most used shade by those who want to decorate in this style! From furniture to accessories, have fun combining the lavender color with all of its related hues with a few “brushstrokes” of milk white, beige and some sea green. All natural, restful tones that characterize the fresh elegance of Provencal style homes.


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