Each color has a history, that of Prussian blue dates back to the early eighteenth century when it was discovered in Berlin and later used as a dye for the uniforms of the kingdom of Prussia (hence the name).

It is an intense and elegant dark blue, always loved by painters who have made wide use of it. Think of Picasso’s “blue period”, entirely dedicated to this particular and eccentric colour.

Today it is used in many different ways and the most popular at the moment is as a furnishing colour to give character and liveliness to homes.

One of the most common solutions for those who want to use Prussian blue for the walls of the house, is to opt for the classic scheme of 3 +1, or 3 white walls and a colored one, so as not to weigh too much the room but still convey a strong character and customizing. It is a sophisticated yet very intense colour so it is important to learn how to manage it and contrast it with more neutral colours.


Prussian blue, like all shades of blue, is able to convey strong emotions of calm and tranquility. In fact, more and more often it is used more with this therapeutic function rather than for its beauty.

If used sparingly and if you can find the right balance between the color of the walls, furnishings and any fabrics, then you will be able to create a unique and truly comfortable atmosphere. Otherwise, this color might even make the room heavy and spoil the atmosphere you intended to create.

The advice is to consult a design expert who can give you informed advice on the right proportions to make your environment perfect.



Let’s see how this color can be wisely used to give a feeling of peace and serenity to your environment.


Prussian blue is also widely used in living rooms, especially if they are large and bright and if they have wooden furnishings or even a space that is almost entirely white.

If painting the walls in this color may seem like too bold a choice, you can start with furniture accessories. If used as a fabric, for example, it can give new life to cushions, chairs, sofas and consequently to the entire living room.

Although it is the bedroom and the living room that are commonly seen as “suitable” for this particular colour, it is becoming increasingly common to choose Prussian blue for kitchens and bathrooms as well. The reason is simple, often these two places see white as the dominant colour, so breaking it up with an intense and enveloping colour like Prussian blue can help make these rooms more welcoming. It is also a colour related to water and hygiene and combines well with the typical metal effects scattered around the kitchen.


It is very suitable for the sleeping area because, as we know, blue in all its shades and hues tends to conciliate calm and relaxation. Again, the best choice seems to be to paint just one wall so as to preserve the brightness of the room but at the same time adding a touch of sophisticated and personal style.

As far as the floor is concerned, the perfect match is with parquet, to contrast the “coldness” of blue, giving it a renewed warmth.

It might be interesting and suggestive the idea of inserting mirrors to create remarkable lighting effects.


It is a color with great personality that if combined in the right way can help create a fantastic visual harmony in the home. It can be used in more daring combinations with colours such as yellow or orange, or in more discreet combinations with white or natural earth tones. Our advice is to pair it with a deep green.

In addition, it can be interesting to combine Prussian blue with particular fabrics or furniture elements, so as to play with colours and create very interesting contrasts. All this to give their environments a touch of elegance and class, very much in line with the dictates of this magnificent color.

Modern interior of living room with armchairs on white flooring and dark blue wall .emptry room ,3d rendering


The color Prussian blue, with hexadecimal color code #003153 is a dark shade of blue-turquoise. In the rgb color model #003153 (R:0, G:49, B:83). In the HSL color system #003153 has a hue of 205° (degrees), 100% saturation and 16% clarity.


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