Create and furnish your open space

Create and furnish your open space

Openspace, also called open-plan environment, is the dream of all interior design enthusiasts.

Elegant and refined, it is the epitome of modern and contemporary furniture, but can be customized to suit your own tastes and needs.

Continuing with the reading, you will discover many useful tips to furnish your open space in the best way, with the right solutions and some tricks of the trade to enhance every inch available.

Open space: what is the philosophy of living?

First of all, it is good to specify the concept on which an open space is based, an open-plan environment that transforms the concept of living and the home in general.

If, until the past decades, each room in the house was designed in function of itself and well divided from other environments, today the most avant-garde interior design is based on the sharing of space and the free use and interpretation of it.

We are therefore talking about philosophy of living and “home architecture”, that is, all the most appropriate solutions that allow the maximum comfort of the house and the synergistic relationship between the various components.

Furnishing an open space requires rationality, organization of space and foresight

For this reason you need an architect and an interior designer who can study a plan, an elevation in focus with the concept of building the space. You can view his work through 3D renderings and work in progress studies that will allow you to intervene and collaborate with the professional.

The creation of an open space is based on the demolition of walls and the alternating variation of floors, levels and ceilings.

The space is modified, therefore, both horizontally through the floors and surfaces, and by exploiting the space that reaches the ceiling, in height.

Once the characteristics of the house or apartment have been taken into consideration, such as square footage and compositional solutions, the architect will begin to design the open space to optimize every functional aspect, from light and brightness, to the client’s requests.

An open space can be played on the living area and the living room, incorporating the dining room and kitchen together, or include the whole house in an interesting prospect of overall architecture.

In this last case, it will be useful to consider the best strategies to preserve silence and intimacy, with soundproofing and thermal insulation solutions.

When windows and doors are no longer used and barriers are broken down in favor of mobile and flexible structures, glass, ceiling and sliding walls come into play: these are strong and resistant structures, but with a slender and light effect that give a sense of freedom and purity.

Clean and essential lines

After you’ve finalized the design and come up with the best strategies for optimizing space, such as drop tops, lofts and suspended attics, you can have fun with the furniture.

The password is design: the open space must combine functionality and aesthetics, utility and beauty.

Each piece of furniture must find a specific location but it must also be flexible, it must be able to be moved and transformed into something else: this is the magic of the open space, an environment in continuous transformation according to the needs of that moment!

What are the most functional furnishings that allow for this flexibility and elasticity characteristic?

Certainly, the modular and modular furniture that, as the word itself says, are assembled according to the needs and demands of the customer and consist of modules with clean and essential lines.

Like pieces of a puzzle and bricks from the famous Lego, modular furniture is flexible and adapts to the perimeter and space available.

Thanks to this ability to adapt, they are able to functionally fulfill the space of a corner wall, or fill and contain useful space that would otherwise remain unused.

Thanks to modular furniture such as cabinets and storage boxes, you can create equipped walls, stately living rooms, walk-in closets and wardrobes literally stolen space.

For example, you can take advantage of a corner wall and turn it into a hallway in which to insert a folding cabinet or a folding shoe rack that installs from above.

The focus of modular and sectional furniture also impeccably meets the stylistic and technical requirements of a modern, contemporary kitchen.

Through islands and peninsulas, but also corner kitchens and peninsulas, in fact, you can fill the space and get a practical base in which to cook, share a dinner or an aperitif, but also carry out different activities in the family, at the same time.

Children can do their homework while their parents prepare dinner, sharing space and a convivial moment.

Furnishing an open space: yes, but in what style?

The industrial and minimalist style is the one that best suits an open space, as it dresses up the space in a functional way, ensuring a remarkable aesthetic performance.

The minimal chic mood, in fact, is based on clean and essential lines, geometric shapes and smooth and metallic materials, as today’s trends want.

When form achieves pure purpose and the concept of functionality, we achieve performances of lightness and breathe in feelings of order and cleanliness.

If you want to customize your open space, however, you can play with space management and come up with the best solutions with folding doors, open consoles and interchangeable and concealed spaces that give you a fun surprise wow effect!

In addition, you can play with the upholstery and furnishings, adding some ethnic furniture, a strong antique piece or an iconic piece of furniture such as the famous Chaise Longue by Le Corbusier (a symbol of European Modernism and the rationalist current).

By combining antique and contemporary furniture you will get an interesting contrasting effect.

In this way, you will isolate a part of the space, make it shine as the star of your living room and make the room unique with a touch of groove and character.

Another peculiar aspect of the open space, in conclusion, is the light and brightness: get advice from your trusted interior designer and install tempered glass walls and plexiglass French windows.

Super effective to manage space intelligently, finally, are the mobile transparent partitions, ideal for an office but also to separate the living area from the sleeping area, or the living room from the kitchen.

Being flexible and removable, you can change your mind and renovate your open space whenever you want, in perfect compliance with the philosophy of new living.

You won’t get bored of your home easily, and you can make make makeovers and upgrades whenever you feel the need.