We often read that the reception is the business card of a business, whether commercial or professional. Who can do without an office receptionist? The comparison is absolutely apt because the reception and waiting area has precisely the function of introducing the context in question, putting users or customers at ease. CasaOmnia defines solutions for welcoming environments by emphasizing its three fundamental elements: furniture, colours and accessories.


Whether it’s a company, public or private body, accommodation or health facilities, the reception must meet different types of needs, not only those of users but also of the staff working there. From this point of view, what makes the difference is the right balance between the comfort offered to users and the functionality guaranteed to those who carry out operational tasks. I Reception counters, for example, must be high and wide enough to allow employees to move easily from one workstation to another.

The same applies to customers who must be able to approach easily and use the shelves to place documents and fill in forms. The reception desk must be artfully chosen, ensuring communication and accessibility for users but also privacy and practicality for those behind it.



From the point of view of the recipient, the fundamental element of the reception area is the reception desk. Depending on the type of activity carried out and the company image, we will choose the most suitable lines, colours and materials to transform any piece of furniture into the business card of our activity.

From the perspective of the recipient, however, the reception is simply the element taken for granted. Each of us, in fact, is accustomed to finding counters at the supermarket information point, at the beautician’s, at the law office, at the dentist’s, in hotels and in dozens of other contexts more or less frequented.

To make a difference, therefore, it is necessary to go “beyond”. An effective reception area will not only coincide with the reception desk, but will also take care of other aspects of hospitality.

No matter how small the space may be, designing a waiting area is a small consideration that will help make guests and visitors feel more “pampered”. We are not talking about real waiting rooms, but corners in which those who are waiting to be received can prepare for the meeting, reorganize their ideas, take advantage of dead time at will or, simply, not feel uncomfortable and in the way.

Comfortable sofas or chairs and side tables with informational brochures, entertainment magazines and writing materials are perfect


After having placed the fundamentals, you can think of a series of pluses that will enhance the environment and the image of the receptionist.

Furnishing accessories such as coat racks, magazine racks, wastepaper baskets and dividers are useful and functional elements; displays, plants and technical curtains, on the other hand, will enrich the area from an aesthetic point of view.

Hanging celebratory posters or information about your offer on the walls will give those who are waiting for you the chance to get to know you even before the actual meeting: in this case, our advice is to study well images and contents with a communication and marketing expert.

Finally, if space and context allow, a small refreshment area will be the highlight of your reception area. Offering a coffee, some candy or even just a simple glass of water to someone who arrives is a courtesy that is always useful and appreciated.



Depending on the location and the category of service offered, a different type of reception space must be set up. The task of this area is multifunctional, i.e. it is a place of first contact, meeting, productivity, but it must also serve to convey corporate identity and values. In conceptual design, its location, directionality and distance between the different points that must or can be reached from this location also matters a lot.


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