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Do you want to change the decor of your master bedroom? Not sure which furniture to choose? We offer you ideas, tips, photos and examples to beautify your master bedroom.

Anyone who wants to retreat into their ownrelaxing space after a long day’s work to recover their energy and be able to get back on track.

Among the rooms of the house, the bedroomcertainly deserves special attention because a comfortable design and furnishings affect the well-being of the person. With space getting tighter and tighter there is aneed to choose a type of furniture that is both beautiful and functional.


To get the most out of your master bedroom, the ideal would be to focus on modern furniture that in itself expresses elegance and order. Style without too many frills, transmits welcome and harmony. These are furnishing elements that follow a simple linearity not without, however, a substantial eye for exclusive design.

Generally, the materials used for these bedroom compositions are of high quality. In fact, in first place is natural oak, followed by textured beech, glass and leather. A modern double bedroom, offers different solutions with various models of beds, chests of drawers, shelves, wall units, mirrors and wardrobes, all to give comfort and design.

double room


The Thefirst step in furnishing any room in the house, including the master bedroom, is to obtain a planimetry or, in any case, a made-to-measure drawing of the available space. The elements that will fill the space in fact, must be of the right size so as not to create a snag, or on the contrary, leave empty spots.

In a small double bedroom, choosing a bed with annexed bedside tables and dressers heavy and large is likely to suffocate the environment, on the contrary Compact, space-saving designs will make the room feel calm and spacious. Keepaccessories to a minimum, and if the shape of the room allows it, takes advantage of the height, opting for tall cabinets, shelves and furniture with shelves.


Romantic and sophisticated, the classic style is still loved by many. Furnishing a classic double bedroom does not necessarily mean going to antique stores or flea markets: wonderful furnishing accessories are offered by the best design companies, in a revisited key.

Whoever prefers this style will get a sleeping area, formal warm and comfortable: the furnishings will be arranged symmetrically, the tones will mainly be those ofwood, the high bed with a canopy structure, chest of drawers with large drawers and a particular attention to the Strictly worked finishes with inlays and soft lines.

Traditional design, however, is not trapped in the memories of past fashions and therefore, ample space for personal touches that are expressed through fabrics such as silk or linen, from neutral and pastel shades as well as the addition of accessories for example, lamps with brass base or glass and crystal furnishings.


Who wouldn’t want a bedroom like the one in the best interior design magazines? Unfortunately, most people don’t have such large budgets to invest. In order to achieve the bedroom of your dreams, the key lies in studying the details:

  • try inserting a tray: of marble or metal, on the chest of drawers or the dresser, to store jewelry, bottles of perfume or small collectibles
  • add a plant: there are several varieties suitable for the bedroom, with their lush green, placed in pots of gold or silver will infuse the right elegance to the room
  • choose a sophisticated lamp: whether it is a pendant or bedsidelamp, it must be a design object, even if you have to invest a few extra euros, it will be a detail that can change the look of the room.
  • use the right fabrics: the bed linen, as well as any curtains, should not be chosen at random but you should focus on light and precious materials. Again, spending a bigger budget on silk, linen or satin will not be a sacrifice in vain.


Furniture for the master bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive to make an impact and give you the atmosphere you want. Today, even the big furniture giants offer cheaper secondary lines, or there are famous brands that provide low-cost furniture of good manufacture and always trendy.

Other opportunities are offered by social networks: for example, on Facebook there are many groups dedicated to the sale or free transfer of second-hand furniture. Similarly, the net is chock full of sites where you can sell or buy furniture accessories not only for the bedroom, but for any room in the house.

double room

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