Furnishing in a rustic style means giving yourself a corner of tranquility, typical of houses surrounded by greenery, and it can also be done in the city center.

If you love this style, a few details are enough, especially in the choice of materials for the interior furnishings, and you’re done.

From wood to stone, from iron to fabrics for curtains: a few small tricks and the rustic style manages to give a warm and elegant atmosphere.


Cozy, warm and elegant, this type of furniture is suitable for any property.

Indeed, it is not to be relegated to the country house, on the contrary: the most chic variations of the rustic style is given by the adaptation to houses that, in the traditional imagination, they should have a very different design.

Loft, mini apartments, open space in the city center. The rustic fits perfectly to any type of home, just knowing how to dose it well.

Furnishing the house in a rustic style is one of the most popular trends today. In a fusion of vintage and eclectic, the rustic style is warm, welcoming and, above all, charming.

A transient style, which falls somewhere between country and retro. But how can a house become rustic? The following characteristics can help us understand it a little better, giving us a precise line to follow:

  • Natural textures: wood and stone;
  • Natural fabrics: linen, cotton and wool;
  • An eye to the past: beams, exposed bricks and rough surfaces;
  • Soft color matching: pastel tones, earthy colors, beige, cream and white.


Let’s see specifically how you can furnish the various rooms of your home to make it compatible with the rustic style.


Chandeliers, vases or planters are the iron furnishings that could beautify the living room in a rustic style.

In a vintage and retro setting you can mix some more modern objects, as long as it doesn’t stray too far from the country appeal that rustic furnishings require.

Around a wooden table fit chairs that can be, as well as armchairs, not coordinated with each other.

Upholstered the armchairs in warm colors, which can be comfortable with the carpet, look for warm colors also for the frames to hang on the walls.

In the colder months you can decorate with candles, in the warmer months let the light reflect on the many vases to decorate to be placed on tables, furniture, glassware that you have at home.

If you want to completely cover your living room and transform it into a rustic style environment, which it did not have before, the advice is to go to the second-hand markets.

In fact, there is plenty of historical furniture and furnishings here that may be right for you.

Furthermore, it is possible to use recycled wooden pieces to emphasize the design of the walls, downsizing modern elements and replacing them with natural stones and woods.

For example, if your house is brick, why not remove the plasterboard, and leave what is underneath visible?


In the kitchen, the furniture that could make the difference is the sideboard. If space allows, choose a large one that can put on display cups, saucers and so on, all in full rustic and country style.

Also, fill this space in the house with doors: all in wood, or covered in colors that recall natural elements, palettes ranging from green to orange, from brown to cream.

Finally, use wicker baskets to fill them with fruit or vegetables, wooden cutting boards in plain sight, an old scale or vintage slicer in the middle of the table or on a shelf, as long as it’s in plain sight.



On the bedroom windows, as well as throughout the house, you need important curtains with a print that stands out. Furnished with cushions to give warmth and comfort, in full rustic style.

Use simple furniture to save space and don’t use too bright colors. If the bed and furniture are very linear, as is the mirror, you can decorate the room with wallpaper.

A large table clock could be an immediately recognizable original element. On the floor? Carpets, without a shadow of a doubt. At the foot of the bed? Maybe a chest.

Furthermore, even in the bedroom we can define the space of the ceilings with beautiful exposed beams.

Those in laminated wood, in addition to being light and versatile, they have the advantage of costing much less than those in solid wood, while maintaining aesthetic characteristics of all respect.

Vintage elements scattered here and there will give a refined, softened look and made cozy by the wooden furniture.


Illuminated, spacious, with wooden decorations and frames, among vintagecabinets, perhaps in polished wood.

In the bathroom, the advice is to be minimalist: do not exaggerate the decor, but pay attention to the details that cannot be missing.

For example, bathroom plants can be useful for this purpose, stone or wooden supports, brass decorations, imposing and majestic soap dish, maybe in ceramic.


Finally, it is very important to decorate your home in a rustic style is to cut out a small corner to grow aromatic and non-aromatic plants.

This with the aim, not only to take advantage of always fresh spices for your kitchen, but you will also have the benefits of a green space directly within your home walls.

This will make your home truly fit for this style, immediately bringing you back to a peaceful situation and relaxation associated with the countryside and its life.


After seeing how you can decorate the various rooms of your home to make them adaptable to the rustic style, let’s see what are some mistakes to avoid.

First, stick to white. To avoid mistakes and avoid the overwhelming effect of a too suffocating rustic style, opt for white. Each nuance of the white palette will give the decor a wide scope.

We must then try to dampen too much wood with bright colors. In this regard, in fact, to counterbalance the excess of nature wood, opt for a lacquered complement of a bright color. Cobalt blue will make the environment less rustic by infusing a note of color and charm in its pure state.

Bet strongly on the rustic essentiality. In fact, in this regard, avoid falling into error by layering furniture on furniture and accessories as far as the eye can see. The effect would be far from welcoming. A few well mixed pieces will make the spaces airy and the style elegant.

In addition, it is essential to add greenery to the furniture. There is no refined rustic that does not contemplate a touch of gardening mixed with furnishings.

An integral part of the charm of the rustic is its being ruined, lived and worn out. One of the details that must be absolutely délabré in order not to betray the aesthetics of this style is the door.

In fact, the exquisitely ruined, scratched and worn door is one of the cornerstones of the rustic style so it must never be missing in a house that has opened its doors.

Finally, the rustic style becomes such thanks to them, to the natural materials that make up the furnishings. From wood to wicker, from iron to sandblasted bricks, the material becomes the first woman of the house.


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