Kitchen with sand colored walls. Which furniture to choose, what are the best color combinations, why choose a kitchen with sand-colored walls and what are the most effective solutions.

The sand color, as the name says, is a color that recalls sunny beaches and rarefied atmospheres, of extreme relaxation. It is a shade able to welcome and create a warm and natural environment, very familiar and this is particularly suitable for the kitchen. Here is how to integrate the sand color in the kitchen, whether you want to use it to paint the walls, or in combination with other colors

The sand tone matches the whole palette of whites and neutrals, creamy and natural colors, with wood, but also with more decisive colors. In fact it is a shade that allows you to wander with combinations and contrasts, which is why it is perfect for the kitchen.


A decidedly creative contrast that will certainly not go unnoticed: paint the walls of your kitchen in a sand color and then play on the dynamism of laying the tiles. You can choose them like those in the image we show you below. These are hexagonal tiles whose arrangement resembles a honeycomb.

The contrasting effect between the opaque and white tones of the tiles, each different from the other in terms of finish, and the color of the walls can give imagination and creativity to an otherwise much more serious atmosphere. For an extra touch of elegance, add black details, such as chandeliers or stools or even plates and glasses.


The sand color, being a very natural shade, can be perfectly combined with just as many natural colors. Among these, the stone finish is ideal for recreating an environment with a vintage, rustic, antique taste, as for example in the photo we show you below. In this case, the look of the kitchen is clearly vintage and played on rustic but contrasting details, which still create a coherent, albeit very original, style.

This solution is the result of a skilful mix of different but typical finishes of the vintage style. The frame of the fire area is in exposed gray bricks, while the 1920s-shaped tiles, the furniture reminiscent of those of the grandmother are sand-colored.


Certainly original combination, not for everyone, certainly suitable for those who love to dare and are not afraid of a kitchen with too dark colors. The sand-colored walls create a soft and welcoming environment that can make room for furniture with an important finish like the ones we show you in the photo below.

The look is clearly vintage, so it refers to the traditional kitchens of the past, the black finish is very elegant and perfect in contrast with the warm walls and soft shades. The excessive contrast is broken by the part of the wall covered with white brick tiles, which manage to soften and balance the black and the sand color.



A kitchen that is a real must, a classic that does not know the passage of time. Everything is played on the simplicity of the sand color, which completely covers the walls leaving only the sky free, and the creamy white of the furniture. The kitchen counter is dove-gray, in perfect match with the walls.

Take a look at the image we have selected for you below: it is a kitchen with a warm atmosphere and a style between vintage and modern, thanks to very simple furnishings but with a traditional look. Everything appears perfectly tidy and welcoming.


In this case, it is not the walls but the entire kitchen that is sand-colored. Furniture in this shade could be a bit heavy in the long run, which is why in the solution we show you below, we have chosen to disperse the monotony with a bright red wall.

A brilliant, creative idea suitable for those who love to dare and want to give a touch of inspiration to a very simple and classic cuisine.



The splendid kitchen that we show you in the following image is a real hymn to simplicity and minimalism. The choice falls on very light sand colored walls and individual elements, including the sky, of a decisive gray.

The spaces are large, very simple, straight lines and well-defined volumes, but without excessive dynamism. It is an environment where you can breathe air, everything is in order and the atmosphere is almost futuristic.

If you have a kitchen with a lot of space and you love a sober and minimal style, this could be the perfect solution for you. Originality of details and simplicity in the use of the sand color.


A kitchen with an industrial atmosphere, created thanks to the use of exposed brick walls that break the continuity of the sand-colored walls. The combination of finishes and colors is very natural, as you can see in the image below.

The secret is to balance everything with a thoughtful use of white: the floor, furniture and other details make the sand color and masonry walls stand out and be bright.


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