The Scandinavian style is among the most appreciated and desired when it is time to furnish your home. The reason is that many people find themselves in the atmosphere that these houses create. Nordic style can be for everyone, but especially for people who love white and soft colors, wood and natural textiles.

In addition, the basis of Nordic furniture and lifestyle is the so-called hygge. It is a feeling and an atmosphere that makes it possible to savor a sense of comfort, safety and hospitality. In a word: of familiarity.

Therefore, both the interior and exterior of a Nordic-style house should therefore pursue the ideal of hygge.


Scandinavian style is difficult to combine with a specific era in which it was born because it takes shape from the Nordic product design that has revolutionized the world of modern design. After the two world wars, Europe was flooded with a shared desire of innovation and modernity in all.

This new trend brought to the Scandinavian countries a design that gave importance to shapes, natural characteristics of materials and functionality.

The philosophy that form must follow function is the basis of all Scandinavian design interpreted by many famous names including Arne Jacobsen who, even today, is considered the man of the Renaissance of Danish and Scandinavian design and architecture.



So what does the Scandinavian style mean in terms of furniture?

The houses furnished in Nordic style are highly recognizable in their particularity. Scandinavian houses give an immediate sensation of warmth and purity thanks to the prevalence of white, rule number one.

The style is calibrated and rationalized in every choice, even where they seem casual and is characterized by a sense of natural harmony. The Scandinavian style has various different inclinations, such as the vintageScandinavian, a Scandinavian that tends more to the modern or for the nostalgics of the true beginning of Nordic design, a mid-century Scandinavian, where more wood prevails and certain shades of yellow and orange in the details .



The Scandinavian style is characterized by clean lines, texture of quality materials and simple and functional design. Furthermore, the dividing line between modern and Scandinavian design has eased somewhat in recent years, with the terms used interchangeably.

It should be emphasized that although the functional characteristics are the same, from the aesthetic point of view the two styles are very different. In fact, Scandinavian design employs more textures and finishes than exposed materials.

The idea is to create a functional space that is experienced, welcoming and warm. Normally this is achieved by leaving wood grain, metal or raw stone finishes, and using the textures of materials such as wool, linen and leather. Finally, color is not commonly used, with neutral and earthy patterns and palettes.

The fundamental elements for this kind of style can be listed as follows:

  • first of all, white;
  • natural wood;
  • raw textile;
  • the semplicity;
  • the design;
  • finally, order and harmony.


The Scandinavian countries have very harsh climatic conditions that have led to their adaptation also through the design of their homes. In fact, the long and cold winters have pushed these countries to create very warm and welcoming interiors using certain materials and colors.

In addition, the lack of natural light for most of the year explains the dominance of white, used to have the brightest possible environments.

But the link with the environment does not end here. The Scandinavians are famous for having always had a strong bond and respect for nature. In fact, this is very reflected in their lifestyle focused on the outdoors despite the cold.

Their love for nature is manifested precisely in the use of wood: this material is always present in Nordic houses and is always left in its natural state.

Finally, Nordic houses are often very green: attention to recycling, materials and the way in which furniture is produced is an element that is synonymous with style.


The propaganda for Scandinavian-style interiors right now is huge, and it’s very easy to bring into your own home. So summing up the above, if you follow the principles below, you will be well on your way to creating the perfect Scandinavian-style home:

  • First of all, choose warm and welcoming textiles;
  • Pay homage to nature, and leave the materials in their rawest and purest state;
  • Try to limit the color palette to no more than three tones, ensuring that they are soft, neutral and complementary – All rooms should have a practical use, maximizing each square meter through intelligent space-saving solutions;
  • Make the most of natural light.


Furnish according to the dictates of the Nordic style seems easy it seems easy but it is not at all.

Although at first glance one of the moods of easier furnishings, actually recreating the Scandinavian atmosphere and in general Northern Europe is not a walk.

In order not to commit style slips and dribble the dreaded kitsch effect, our advice is always to contact, first of all, a design expert, who can guide you in choosing the furniture elements that best meet the needs of this particular style.



If you think this style is right for you, but you have no idea where to start to transform your home into a Nordic-style house, contact one of our consultants or leave a comment at the end of the article with your doubts. We will reply as soon as possible!

Finally, if you need more detailed and personalized advice, feel free to send an email to valeriadesign@casaomnia.it and we will give you all the advice you need!

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