To make a welcoming and elegant environment, the choice of lights is essential: here are all the tips and tricks on how to illuminate the shelves.

In modern homes lighting is gaining in importance. Each room has different characteristics and therefore different lighting needs, so it is important to carefully choose the type of lighting for each room, especially for shelves.

In case you like this idea, the first thing to evaluate to choose the correct lighting for the shelves is what effect you want to recreate. Let’s see it together.



Artificial lighting is perfect for any time of day and suits all rooms. It is ideal for achieving a warmer atmosphere and at the same time decorating while spending little.

Illuminating shelves, even on stairs or openings, will give a new touch to your home. This is a practical and functional detail, and if LED is chosen, the effect achieved will be to focus attention toward the illuminated shelf or corner.

One of the advantages of lighting shelves is not only about shining a light on what is on them, but also about making them the stars of the room, entrance or hallway. It is a very attractive option to decorate and illuminate at the same time while spending little.


LED strips, also called LED strips, lend themselves to a variety of uses and placements. They allow you to create decorative lighting in a few places or to illuminate an entire room with a single light socket, using longer strips. They also save a lot on electricity consumption and last a long time, thanks to LED technology. They can be used to better illuminate one’s shelves.

LED strips are flexible holders onto which LED chips are soldered and used to illuminate. They differ in quantity and chip spacing, power, light intensity, and other technical features.

To choose well, first consider where you are going to place the strip, whether indoors or outdoors, and whether it is intended for a decorative function or as general lighting.

The main characteristics to consider are the length that is needed, the IP rating, the total brightness and per meter, and the power and color of the light.


Suppose you have set up a dressing room in your bedroom or have wooden shelves on which to store decorative items or souvenirs from your travels but you have noticed that this corner is a bit sluggish compared to the rest of the room. How about applying an LED strip to each shelf, to make everything more interested?

Measure the width and buy strips already cut to avoid inconvenience. The idea is that all strips are connected to the same cable and plug. Verify that they work properly before installing them, then modify where necessary without unplugging the entire installation.

The good thing is that the LED strips can be hidden behind shelves. Pay attention to how many meters of cable you need to connect the lights smoothly. In addition, a remote control can be added to conveniently turn on and off.

Although LED strips already have glue, it is best to secure them with tape or clips on the sides. In this way, you will ensure that they do not fall over time.



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