Who among you has not dreamed of waking up in the morning, shoes on foot, and going down to the garden to play on your football pitch? When you are a kid you dream of having a soccer field to play with your friends. If you have a large garden this dream can, without too much difficulty, become reality.

The construction of a private field in the garden, in fact, does not require special permits. Only if you decide to build a soccer field to rent is it necessary to open a regular VAT number and obtain the necessary permits.

Generally, we tend not to use the garden in its entirety, but it actually offers many possibilities. When the weather is good, the desire to be outdoors grows and the garden can be a free space in which to enjoy various activities: reading, gardening, looking at the stars, art, reading, etc..

So, the idea of creating a space where you can play sports can be really interesting. Of course, it’s going to take a big enough area for the idea we have in mind. However, the aim is certainly not to create a regular pitch like the ones we are used to seeing in large stadiums, but a smaller football pitch. For example, you don’t necessarily have to make a field with two goals but it would be more than enough to have only one goal and an area to play with the ball.

From an aesthetic point of view, creating a football pitch in the garden gives it an original and alternative touch. It also helps to improve family ties and helps us to pursue a healthy life, staying active without having to leave the house to do sports.


The materials that can be used to make it are different. Each material has its merits and demerits and requires a different type of maintenance and different costs. Below we will see how to make two types of soccer fields: concrete and grass.

A further option would be a clay court, but this is the one that is most susceptible to weather conditions and there are greater risks of injury.


We are all familiar with concrete five-a-side football pitches. Generally, in all schools there is one characterized by the typical square doors. Here are the steps you need to follow to make it:

  • Identify the location and area that the football field will occupy. We recommend placing it away from porches, verandas or house walls.
  • After identifying the site, mark out the spaces with a fence and prepare the ground. It is important that the air is not particularly humid to avoid possible problems in the future.
  • The recommended dimensions for the field are 15 x 15 meters.
  • Next, use cement to cover the area you’ve marked off and level the cement to create an even surface, without hollows or bumps. It is preferable to do this on a sunny day so that the cement can dry well.
  • At this point, after making sure the concrete is dry, you can paint some lines on the surface and place the doors (or door). To make your job easier, you can buy directly on the internet and have them delivered directly to your home.


In this case, the situation is different as you can use the garden lawn as the surface of your football pitch. This type of field is apparently easier to create, but requires a lot of maintenance: watering, mowing, care of the turf, replacement of sod when the turf is damaged. Alternatively, a synthetic turf can be used. It has low installation costs, but does not require major maintenance.

In order to make a grass football pitch you need to follow these steps:

  • Locate the area within your garden. We recommend that you allocate as large a surface area as possible to your soccer field so that you have more movement to play the ball. It is essential that the area is level
  • You can draw the lines on the grass with white chalk. This way it will look like a football field like the pros.
  • Doors can come in a variety of sizes, from large doors to children’s doors. For better visibility of the doors, we recommend that you choose white.
  • It is important that there is nothing behind the doors that can break. In addition, to delimit the structure and prevent the ball from escaping, it is advisable to place a net around the field or put a hedge of evergreen trees around the perimeter of the field.


Do not hesitate to make a football pitch in your garden. It will allow you to use this space to play sports, play with your children and teach them the values of sport. I’m sure you’ll all benefit greatly from it.


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