Are you renovating your house and looking for a practical way to save space, gaining centimeters? Choose a space-saving door: evaluate the best solution for your needs among these 5 types of doors that you find on the market.

Modern apartments are getting smaller and smaller. Partly because of the economic crisis, partly because of fashion, the interiors increasingly need original and functional space-saving solutions.

If you are renovating your home and find yourself struggling with centimeters, there are solutions that will save you space.

In this article you will find the 5 space-saving solutions proposed by the market together with their costs.


The folding door is also known as folding or package. This solution is among the cheapest offered by the market. It consists of modules that are placed side by side during opening and overlap “like a package”, one on top of the other, really taking up minimal space. They are light and not bulky but do not have a great aesthetic value and do not allow many customizations.

The folding door is a practical solution for service areas, such as the laundry room, pantry or under the stairs. Compared to the past it is used less and less, replaced by solutions more in line with today’s aesthetic taste.

Prices depend on the material chosen. Folding doors with PVC modules cost between 30 and 70 euros, while for those with wooden modules the cost is between 160 and 220 euros per square meter.

  • Advantages: economical, practical, not at all bulky.
  • Disadvantages: the lack of customization and the PVC materials penalize it on an aesthetic level.


The folding door, also called “booklet”, is the natural evolution of the folding door. On an aesthetic level, it offers greater customization both in the choice of materials and in the choice of models. According to your space needs, folding doors can have two or more doors.

There are two types of folding door: symmetrical and asymmetrical. The symmetrical book type has a central handle in the shape of a recessed ring. The outward opening movement allows the doors to fold on both sides. The opening space compared to a hinged door is reduced by about 50%.

The asymmetrical folding door, on the other hand, has an external handle that allows easy grip when opening. The doors fold on a single pin placed on the side of the door. This solution reduces the opening space by 70%, occupying almost the entire space of the compartment.

Costs vary according to the choice of material. For a PVC folding door with three panels, the price starts at 300 euros, while for wood between 400 and 500 euros.

  • Advantages: solution suitable for very small environments. Reduces the opening space by 50 to 70%.
  • Disadvantages: the overlapping doors reduce the passage of light.


The rotating door has the appearance of a traditional swing door but has the characteristic of being revolving. This solution is perfect if you want to gain centimeters and reduce the opening space by up to 60%.

The revolving door consists of a single door and opens thanks to a traditional handle. Its opening mechanism allows rotation in both directions. This feature makes it a practical solution for all people who have movement difficulties.

Costs start from 300 euros upwards: to this must be added the cost of labor.

Advantages: no need for masonry work and thanks to the swivel opening you can gain up to 60% of the overall space.

Disadvantages: its rotation on one axis does not allow total closure as in the case of a swing door. This decreases the passage of light by about 7 cm.


The sliding door is also known as a pocket or casket door. This is the ideal alternative to completely eliminate the encumbrance of space. Furthermore, compared to other types of space-saving doors, with the casket solution there is no reduction in light.

The external track sliding door requires the installation of a sliding track that must be placed on the upper part. This mechanism allows the “disappearance” movement, without the need to intervene on the wall with masonry works.

Today on the market there are many types of counter frames that combine functionality and design. They allow you to hide wiring inside them or to hang pictures and shelves. The modern lines help to give a very incisive visual impact and represent very interesting design solutions.

Costs start at 150 euros and even reach 500 euros for a sliding glass door. This is because not only does it require special processing, but it is also more difficult to install.

  • Advantages: it does not require invasive masonry works. No encumbrance of space, no reduction of light.
  • Disadvantages: exposed subframe.


This type of solution requires a masonry intervention for its installation. Metal grids and a counter frame are inserted inside the wall to allow the door to slide until it disappears completely.

The pocket sliding door is a valid aesthetic and functional alternative. However, this cannot be taken into consideration when there are systems inside the wall that do not allow the installation of the subframe.

The costs depend on the type of door and the material chosen. In addition, the costs of the masonry must also be considered, which depends on the type of wall on which the casket door is to be installed.

  • Advantages: it is a valid aesthetic solution, functional to your needs.
  • Disadvantages: the wall in which the door is to be installed must allow sufficient space for it to disappear and cannot contain systems.

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