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We often find ourselves writing about the most diverse types of interior design, and one thing we’ve noticed is that some of the most ingenious items for the home seem to be space-saving furniture, which saves volume in a smart way.

Especially in the cities, more and more people are living in small apartments, perhaps preferring a central area with higher costs. These people inevitably come to terms with the lack of space in their mini homes, and are forced to resort to all their creativity and ingenuity to come up with space-saving solutions and designs.

Sometimes the solution is right in front of us, and we simply need an inspiration, a spark that sparks the idea.


Here’s another brilliant and innovative idea. Why not get rid of the dining table, which is so bulky and cumbersome? An original solution is to have one or more foldaway tables. They are usually fixed to the wall, so as to reduce the amount of space they take up, and they can be opened only when necessary.

Thanks to this simple space-saving product you can save another 2/3 square metres of space, which for a one or two-room apartment represents precious oxygen. If you have to furnish a holiday home at the seaside or in the mountains, foldaway tables are really very useful and intelligent pieces of furniture.

Similarly, you can equip the kids’ bedroom with some foldaway desks , which fold up into the wall when your little ones are not studying and need space to play. Some models of these desks are also equipped with shelves and shelves to store books and frequently used items, while others even have internal compartments to store some folding chairs.

space saving


So what is the so-called rollaway bed ? It’s simply a bedside cabinet that you can put in your living room and attach to the wall. When closed it is a common living room furniture, which integrates perfectly with the other elements that make up the furniture of the room, such as bookshelves, cabinets, shelves. When needed, with a few simple steps you can pull out the pull-out beds and prepare a single or double room. You can then save at least 4/5 square feet of space in your home! Better than this for space-saving furniture?

The types of rollaway beds are countless. There’s the queen-size rollaway bed, the single bed, or the full-size bed. For the boys’ bedroom, bunk beds are very suitable. One of the biggest advantages of this bedside cabinet is that it can be closed with sheets and blankets ready. And this saves you valuable time compared to many sofa bed solutions, for example.

High-end rollaway beds also have plenty of optionals. For example, some beds have motorized opening, so you can open and close the bed without the slightest effort. Other models are integrated with the living room sofa, allowing you to have living and sleeping areas in the same room. The most refined models are also equipped with retractable lights and internal shelves, thus replacing the function of the classic bedside table.

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Among the most interesting novelties among the retractable furniture, we find two original categories of products:

  • extendable and liftable coffee tables
  • extendable consoles.

Convertible side tables sit in the middle of the living room and can be converted into a dining table in seconds. They are made with a steel base that can be adjusted in height and a structure equipped with aluminum guides, with the housing for the extensions.

Usually these coffee tables are 120×80 cm in size and stretch up to 200/250 cm. They allow a considerable saving of space and a dynamic management of the domestic space.

Extendable consoles are usually placed in the entrance of the house and are equipped with steel mechanisms to extend up to 350 cm in length. These products are now widely tested and on the market, so there are different types, with different styles and designs.

In what contexts can both convertible tables and extendable consoles be used? Obviously to furnish small spaces, so they are ideal for studios, two-room apartments, holiday homes by the sea or in the mountains.

space saving

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