Stone walls for thebedroom: now that could be a really cute idea! As a rule, in fact, the stones or bricks, which have come back in fashion, are chosen to decorate or embellish the most representative room of the house, the living room. But now there is a reversal. Interior designers are also re-evaluating in an incredible way not only this material, but they are also shaping it for other uses and destinations.

Taking into consideration other rooms and spaces in the house, such as the bedroom. It’s nice to vary and space: by doing so, these rooms become more particular and less static. This is because the classic standardized bedrooms have tired: it is time to dare more not only with the furniture and furnishings, but also with the materials of coating. That’s why brick or stone was the choice.


Stone walls in the living room will immediately give charm to the room, as well as a feeling of well-being and tranquility. In order to achieve this result, however, it is important that the stone wall is coordinated with the decor of the room, and therefore it is necessary to choose the right type.

  • Natural stone: this is the perfect solution for all lovers of simplicity, traditions and rustic touch. This stone can be made from minerals such as slate, granite or sandstone. Conversely, this is the most expensive solution.
  • Reconstituted stone: this, however, is cheaper, as it is obtained by mixing different types of cement, which has a much cheaper cost than the first.
  • Bricks: this is also an inexpensive solution, although not everyone likes it. A brick wall, however, allows you to give the room a Mediterranean and antique feel. Here you can indulge in shapes and colors.


Stone or brick walls are the best thing you can wish for in a home that prefers, for example, shabby chic, country or purely classical style. The best solution, capable of giving a unique charm, to say the least, would be to make the walls in natural stone but, in most cases, make challenging work can create many economic and logistical problems. That’s why an excellent and practical solution is to resort to wall coverings practical and at the same time cared for in every single detail.


Refined and really elegant, here is the effect obtained by the implementation of stone walls in a modern bedroom. In this case it is preferable to opt for shades that vary between white, gray and black avoiding reddish or orange shades.

Thanks to the versatility and the wide range of customizations that you can choose, modern bedrooms can easily accommodate walls with exposed bricks or real stone slabs with many shades and veining.


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