The creativity of street art has no boundaries and moves from the street to the inside of homes. Murals and graffiti have become, in recent years, furnishing objects. From the big cities to the walls of the house, the trend is to combine furniture with contemporary lines to the bright colors of writers’ representations.

Until recently, street artists were considered vandals and no one would ever have thought that their works would become an extraordinary form of art.


Between the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first, street art evolved and developed in different forms: graffiti, stencils, prints and murals. Precursors of this movement were the gangs of young New Yorkers in the Bronx who rebelled against the socio-political context of the time. They had no hope of emerging from the ghettos of their cities therefore the design turned into their cry of indignation.

This phenomenon has attracted the attention of “adults”. Those who were considered street thugs gave birth to an art movement that ended up in art galleries, thus encouraging urban creativity.

The energy of this cultural phenomenon has meant that many degraded areas of cities could be re-evaluated thanks to the works of artists. The colorful paintings of this movement are now decorative elements used in modern homes.



If you are looking for a decoration that beautifies your living room and is the point on which to focus attention, a wallpaper with graffiti is the most suitable solution for street art.

You can choose phrases or quotes or real drawings. Obviously, it starts with minimal furniture, where everything at first glance may seem empty. Filling it with accessories could change its style. A single dominant element instead will ensure that the result is perfect. Decorate without changing the contemporaneity of the elements.

A dark leather sofa with square lines, a white coffee table with steel feet and a colorful mural will give character and personality to cold environments.


Murals and graffiti dominate the big cities today. Often a specific artist is asked to create masterpieces to give new life to abandoned palaces or buildings.

If you love the austere style, you can opt for paintings or paintings depicting metropolitan cities, bridges or even underground landscapes. The image of a city or its walls will give space and depth to your room.

Furthermore, even in the case of street art, there is the possibility to customize your panel in order to create a unique and original work. If you are attracted to the work of a writer, you could take a high-resolution photo and send it to a shop that provides custom murals.

This is therefore a truly excellent solution to beautify your home, without having to repaint the walls.


Street art is closely related to the fantastic world of comics. Characters like Batman, Cattivik, Dylan Dog, have inspired urban artists from all over the world. Comics are also in fashion in furniture. They are chosen to enrich the bedrooms of the youngest. From the classic wall paper that brightens the room to the door of the room on which colored PVC panels are affixed.

Adults and children are fascinated by the world of comics to furnish the spaces of the house. Not just paintings or wallpaper: often even chests of drawers, doors and screens are customized with the characters you love the most.

The headboard of the bed becomes a skyscraper, the wall above it resembles that of an abandoned factory. The bedroom turns into a movie set in a few moves.


Abstract art divides. There are those who make it a passion and those who do not understand it, preferring faces and landscapes with well-defined contours. Those who paint abstract paintings seem to completely detach themselves from reality. An abstract street art panel or mural is an excellent idea for decorating your home and certainly represents a bold choice and not easy to put into practice.

Intersecting lines, asymmetrical geometries, blurry paint spots will give a touch of liveliness to anonymous walls. This type of decoration fits perfectly with an industrial style.

Irregular patterns will also give character and originality to the bedroom. The latest minimalist interpretation of street art is also to reproduce writings or drawings on a wall of white tiles.

A colorful but less outlined solution than a comic book or a skyscraper that can be enhanced by carpets, cushions and furnishings in the dominant color, thus avoiding creating disharmony and chaos in the design.

Your home will be transformed into a modern art gallery, with a unique and captivating style.


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