It is never easy to furnish a studio apartment: both in terms of the furniture and the appropriate choice of lighting for the studio apartment. Often it is the latter, however, that gives a dimension and deeper spaces to our studio apartment, making it seem more spacious than it really is.

In this article, we will show you possible solutions to make the studio apartment a comfortable and inviting place even if it is cheap. We will show you a series of possible configurations to best light your studio apartment and make it suitable for your furnishing needs.


There are different solutions for lighting your studio apartment, but the first piece of advice we feel like giving you is not to use just one light source. It could create a monotonous and unwelcoming effect. Having different light sources could make it more interesting, as well as allowing possible dark corners to be illuminated as well.

We at CasaOmnia offer a range of solutions, which can also be purchased on our online store:

  • Applique: so as to have a light source with a high design content, ideal for sophisticated effects;
  • Recessed spotlights: for versatile and functional studio lighting;
  • Ceiling lamps: particular type of light to satisfy the most varied lighting solutions;
  • Suspensions: to create unique and very creative lighting effects.

It is essential not to focus only on one type of light, but to use every creative and imaginative solution possible. Light is the main element in making your studio apartment seem significantly more spacious than it really is.



Another interesting solution is to try to make the most of natural lighting. So first of all give ample space to the studio with a large window that can illuminate it in full. In addition, it could be useful to try to leave the natural light sources free from bulky objects; but rather, do not obscure them with curtains, drapes or anything else of dark colours and too heavy materials.


Given the size of a studio apartment, its lighting should not be underestimated. In fact, you often have to give it the same importance that you give to design. On the other hand, if used in the best possible way, light is a very strong and impactful design element. In this regard, the choice of heat and degree of light is of paramount importance.

Our main advice is to choose lighting for the studio apartment that will make the most of the space, giving the impression of being in a larger and more welcoming environment. Consequently, it might be an idea to choose lights with warm tones to give that touch of intimacy and comfort, necessary in such a small living situation.


Very important at this point, remember that unfortunately a studio apartment will not allow you to indulge yourself with the choice of creative and bulky types of lighting. This, unfortunately, because the available space is limited and must be exploited with maximum efficiency to the last available inch.

Perfect for lighting a studio apartment could be the choice of a recessed or track solution. This solution is highly recommended for an environment such as a studio apartment as it allows for an excellent amount of light, with the minimum amount of space occupied.

With a little imagination and the right lighting knowledge, you could actually find innovative solutions that can light up your studio apartment in a unique and trendy way. Let your imagination guide you!

Finally, special solutions such as shelves, illuminated wardrobes, bookcases, etc. may be necessary to effectively illuminate even the most difficult corners of our studio apartment. These solutions, in addition to being convenient and space-saving, allow you to give your environment a spatiality and depth necessary to make your studio comfortable.


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