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Furnishing a studio apartment in an industrial style is quite a frequent trend, especially among the new millennial generation. Probably influenced by the fascinating environments of the most famous TV series, we approach this style of furniture for its practicality of realization and the very urban, urban look .

The origin of the industrial style is properly American. In fact, it was born during the ’50s, when the economic transformation also influenced the urban fabric, freeing several warehouses, offices and industries that were recovered and used as luxury apartments.


A single person leads a solitary life and deals with most things alone. Nevertheless, he has to make several compromises within his own studio apartment. This is a great idea for individualists who love industrial style and have some bold ideas when it comes to decorating. When furnishing a studio apartment in this style you have to remember that there has to be plenty of space.

Combining the kitchen with the living room and eliminating part of the walls will be a great choice! We can divide these areas with the help of some furniture, such as a corner sofa, a dining table or place an island in the kitchen. Thanks to this, the apartment will look much bigger, but it will not lose its functionality.

In the various interiors focus on neutral and light colors, such as: white, gray or beige. In addition to this choose finishes made from concrete, brick, metal and glass. You can use thick materials and wood for the rest. A wooden floor, an unsanded table or a wooden pillar will look original and timeless, and in addition will make the interior even more welcoming.

studio flat


Remember that industrial style likes minimal. And besides, the less decoration the better! Construction and functional elements should also serve an aesthetic function. Concrete walls will be a decoration in themselves, in fact, we don’t have to hang colorful pictures on them.

The fact that we have few accessories in the house does not preclude us from placing majestic, high quality and very comfortable furniture. In an industrial studio apartment, a single person can focus on a large bed with a soft headboard, a trendy custom-designed kitchen and a sitting area. You can also go for ergonomic solutions, such as sectional furniture, which will help you maintain order in a home with a small square footage.

When you decide to furnish a studio apartment in an industrial style, remember that you can focus on designer furniture. A metal cabinet can be reminiscent of those used in factories, a drafting table, rotating metal stools or leather ottomans are the must-have for a loft. Antique workshop furniture is also easy to find on the internet. In fact, it is better to buy them and renew them according to your taste. Refurbished specimens will be the pride of your industrial style interior!

industrial style small house furniture


In an industrial studio apartment, especially if not too big, light plays a very important role, whether we are talking about fake or natural light. So, get the heavy curtains off the windows and go for trendy industrial lighting. Industrial lamps are something a loft cannot do without. In the living room combined with the kitchen you can hang a couple of large lamps above the bar area or on the kitchen island.

In a smaller studio apartment it is better to choose bulb-shaped lamps hanging on thick wires or stylized wall lamps. Remember, that exposed wires will be an added accessory to your interior. Don’t worry about wires running down the walls – an industrial decor will surely like it!

studio flat

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