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Smart workinghas become a necessity, not only for freelancers. Here is a guide for you to furnish a small study corner in your home with style and functionality!

Are you lucky enough to have a study corner at home? Certainly having your own office is a great convenience, but smart working is not always the best solution for the quality of work. Yes, because concentrating is not that easy when staying at home! In fact, furnishing a study room so that it remains always orderly and well organized is a valuable aid for working to the best of your ability.

Today we’re going to find out how to furnish a study nook optimally for smart working. But what is smart working? Surely in this period you will have heard a lot about it. It is about working from home, exploiting the full potential of the internet and telecommunications, rather than going to the office every day.

It is usually a solution chosen by those who have their own business but, recently, employees have also started to work flexibly. Maybe you’ve been thinking about how to set up an office area at home!

If so, this little guide is what it takes. Let’s see together how to furnish a small study corner at home in the ideal way, so as to promote concentration and avoid any distraction. Green light for comfortable and ergonomic chairs, practical desk organizers and bookcases in line with your style. Why? Because even the eye wants its part!

Don’t just think about comfort. In fact, since we are talking about a home office , it is very important that its appearance is compatible with the rest of the furniture. What do you need to furnish a home studio? Let’s see it together!



Where do we start when furnishing a home study nook? But it is obvious: from the desk!

Smart working fans know this. Having a comfortable and organized surface is the first step in setting up an office at home, without sacrificing the convenience of large workplaces. But how do you choose the right desk?

First you will have to find a good compromise on the measures. You may not have a giant open space at your disposal, yet, there’s nothing worse than a narrow desk crammed with items!

The solution, especially if you need to furnish a small study corner for smart working, is to organize your desk to save as much space as possible. And for this you need a smart piece of furniture, with additional drawers and shelves like a desk that allows you to arrange notebooks and files saving precious centimeters. Choosing a desk with shelves will therefore be a valuable aid for working in an organized way. In fact, everything will be in its place and the elements of distraction will be reduced to a minimum!

One last piece of advice: always evaluate with an eye to practicality and an eye to aesthetics. Do you have any idea how boring office furniture can be for smart working? The secret is this: when you find yourself deciding how to furnish your home studio, try not to think about what an office should look like. Rather, think outside the box and dare a particular model, with a unique design: it will immediately give a more original look to the whole room.


We have already seen how to choose the right desk for the study corner to “get out of the way” the most bulky objects. But obviously it is impossible to work without having anything at hand, so here are some tips on how to organize the desk better.

First of all: if you work on a computer, you’re bound to have quite a few intricate cables to deal with. The cables don’t take up much space, however they do give the room a very cluttered look. Not ideal for concentrating!

Then get yourself a cable box or, even better, have fun creating one with DIY. In fact, you just need to take a shoe box, decorate it as you like and make two holes at the short sides. Hiding that tangle of electrical wires in a nice container will give your eyes immediate relief: try it to believe it.

Another formidable ally, to order the desk for the study corner, is a mini office chest of drawers. A small compact organizer, but also nice to look at, in which to organize stationery. In fact, hiding all those objects from view will allow you to clear your mind and finally concentrate on your work. Help yourself with labels to always know, at all times, where the things you use most often are.


Never, as in the case of study corner chairs , is comfort the watchword. Especially if you spend many hours in front of the computer, taking a correct position is very important to avoid any postural problem. Not only that: an uncomfortable session is really the easiest way to lose concentration! Your smart working home office should be like a little sanctuary for you: any distracting elements should be promptly banished.

To choose the right study corner chair for you, therefore, you will need to take several factors into account. First of all the padding, which must be sufficient to guarantee a comfortable seat even after several hours of work. Then, the backrest. The perfect one will be tall enough to support all your weight. In fact, in this way you can take a relaxed and relaxed position, avoiding overloading the neck and shoulders incorrectly during smart working.

Choose an ergonomic and adjustable office chair, and remember: with the armrests, your office chair will be even more comfortable! Finally, always check the pedestal too: is it sufficiently large and stable? Do the castors look solid and safe? All of these features will help you identify the perfect office chair to furnish your home office.

And now there is only one thing left to do: choose your favorite color!


There is another element that allows you to work in comfort in smart working: the padded footrest!

We bet that, after a day spent at the desk, you always find yourself in the same position: with your legs crossed. True? We knew it! Unfortunately, the most comfortable position is not always the healthiest. Crossing the legs too long, specifically, can lead to a harmful stagnation of the circulation.

What’s missing to furnish a smart working home office corner and work in comfort? A small, comfortable and versatile footrest that will allow you to stretch and stretch your limbs after long hours in front of the computer. And most importantly, it will save you from the temptation to cross your legs again.

To furnish the studio, we always recommend using colors that are as neutral as possible. We agree: tones that are too loud could lead to brain fatigue. But that’s exactly what small accessories are for! To bring that touch of colour that livens up the environment without overloading it. So choose a bright shade for your office footrest: it will give the room that touch that was missing.


Only it was missing from our list! The office area bookcase is the main piece of furniture to set up the home office: nothing like a nice library gives the room the right atmosphere. But how to choose the perfect one for your needs?

First of all, as always, we evaluate the spaces we have. If the room is large, you can opt for a model with a regular structure and place several shelves side by side, until the entire wall is filled. In fact, in this case you will have a lot of space available for your books and files. Maybe your job is related to accounting, in which case you know very well that files and folders take up a lot of space in the office. Keeping them all in sight on the shelves will help you work faster, because you will know where the ones you need are at all times.

If, on the other hand, you need to furnish a small study corner, a tall and narrow study bookcase is the solution for you. Based on the style of the house, choose the right color and finish. In a classic furnishing context, a dark wood bookcase will be perfect. On the contrary, a modern studio will prefer white or black, perhaps combined.

If you love the Scandinavian style, light wood combined with white will be the perfect combination to furnish a study with a simple, tidy and bright look. To achieve a pleasing eye-catcher, try alternating books and magazines with green plants and special knick-knacks.

A bookcase is also an excellent choice to liven up a white and too bare wall, even better if combined with shelves. Hanging shelves on the wall is also a great way to furnish a home office and have extra surfaces to use.


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