Recent global events have taught us that environmental sustainability is a key topic nowadays. In fact, more and more people are inclined to embrace the dictates of green style in every area of their lives, to reduce their social and environmental impact.

More and more informed, attentive to the world around us and to leave it better than we found it. This is the portrait of modern citizens, aware and informed actors on the effects of pollution on a global level and on the health of our planet.

For such a sophisticated public, being able to have a home that interprets a lifestyle attentive toeco-sustainability becomes a natural requirement.

The possibilities are really many, as there are different ways of interpreting a positive trend that makes us more mature and respectful of the environment.


The green style is nothing more than a new way of understanding the home: living well to live well.

This is the principle that inspires the so-called “green building“, the new way of understanding the relationship between man, housing and the environment. In fact, an eco-friendly house is made with techniques and materials with a very low environmental impact, limits any energy waste and does not neglect comfort.

It is with this objective in mind that designers and builders place themselves in the market with greater participation, to help change the old city ideal.

The new city, in fact, is no longer a place detached from nature and disrespectful of the environment. On the contrary, the modern city is an inclusive environment aimed at sensitizing the public towards careful and prudent management of resources.

This change of course allows you to imagine a better future, where the wise exploitation of the soil allows you to restore the spaces that belong to nature by right.

Furthermore, each of us can take an example from the philosophy behind green building, starting from small things, such as home furnishings.

Here are some ideas for decorating a home in perfect eco-green style!

Side window seat 3d render.There are white room,wood seat,decorate with many pillow.There are big windows look out to see nature view.


Wood is the key element to furnish a house in perfect green style. Classic and at the same time modern material is able to give that unmistakable touch of warmth to our home.

The choice can fall on a type of wood for its color or can veer towards furniture that uses the wood previously processed. The reuse of properly restored wooden furniture is to be considered for an ecological operation that, at the same time, winks at vintage trends.

In the case of recently manufactured furniture, on the other hand, the presence of FSC (Forest Stepwardship Council) certification, a non-profit organisation made up of various important environmental associations, wood manufacturers, technicians and environmental scientists, offers guarantees on the correct and sustainable use of a raw material of inestimable value.


What to combine with wood to complete green style furniture? Thanks to its ability to be reused and to easily re-enter into circulation to give life and form to new design creations, cardboard becomes a perfect solution for those who wish to furnish their homes.

Recycled and recyclable cardboard has become the focus of attention for many contemporary furniture companies, who are focusing their energies on providing product lines that are appealing, relaxing and totally eco-friendly. Among the most popular pieces of furniture are armchairs and sofas in cardboard which, thanks to a skilful construction, guarantee strength and resistance and, at the same time, elegance and innovative style.

The use of harmful chemicals is now definitively eliminated, and recycling becomes an essential part of a production that creates small and simple pieces of furniture, without anything being wasted. Cork is another material with a low environmental impact and a sure effect, with the advantage of integrating perfectly with wood and other processed materials, limiting any waste.



Quality fabrics, as little elaborate as possible in composition and manufacture, embodying the skill of the weaver giving priority to handwork. Here is the identikit of linen, cotton, jute and hemp, which can be combined with straw and fibers obtained from coconut and bamboo.

All of these materials have in common a simple and natural manufacturing process and are perfectly suited to furnishing a home in perfect green style .

The fair trade market, finally, offers many solutions such as carpets, tablecloths and other handmade furniture components, where the connection between workmanship, labour and respect for resources becomes even more immediate, starting from home furnishings.


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