In breathable fabric, wood, rattan, ergonomic, foldable or with adjustable backrest? What is the best sunbed on the market?

These are questions anyone who intends to buy a sunbed to relax by the pool, camping or on their terrace at home.

In this article we discover together which are the best models available on the market and how to choose the most suitable solution according to various needs.

In fact, having a beautiful garden at your disposal offers the opportunity to take advantage of sunny days without having to move to reach the beaches.

However, to refresh yourself under the hot sun rays, you need a sunbed or a suitable deckchair that offers the right comfort.

Let’s then analyze what are the proposals from which you can choose, thus finding satisfaction already at the time of purchase.


The sunbed and beach chairs are generally associated with rest, especially in the open air.

The deck chairs on the market differ in several aspects. The simplest specimens are without headrests, footrests and armrests and the body rests directly on a sheet, fixed at the ends to a frame.

The inclination adjustment takes place thanks to the presence of grooves in the rear area, which cannot be changed while sitting. However, these models are light and easy to carry, although they are not the most comfortable.

Instead, the beds and deckchairs in which the body weight is supported by a solid structure are much more functional.

For their practicality they are defined as lounge chairs and are equipped with armrests from which you can adjust the slope of the backrest. They even exist in the rocking version.

The appropriate solutions for perfect relaxation are those offered by the sun lounger, on which you can easily lie down, being equipped with fixed footrests.

The reclining of the back, in numerous positions, also makes reading a book pleasant.

The supporting structures are available in different materials. The most sought after is wood, obtained from different varieties of trees such as pine, teak, iroko, larch.

For versions with a metal structure, wrought iron, often subject to very refined processes, steel and aluminum is used. The latter is light but able to effectively resist rain and UV rays.

In order to ensure complete rest, the type of upholstery and the quality of the padding are also fundamental. The lining is packaged with multiple fabrics, treated to resist the action of external agents for a long time while the padding is proposed in the fixed or removable version.



The main advantage of a folding sunbed or lounger is its small size. Preferable if you have a small closet and also have four to cram in. Also consider that it will always be easier to maintain a folding cot than a fixed one.

Regardless of the type, fixed or folding, and the choice of material for your sunbed, you need to define the use you want to make of it! Consider that a semi-sitting position is conducive to reading and conversation, and a lying position is preferable for relaxing and sunbathing. Whatever the shape, if the cot is going to be moved often, favour models with wheels!


A flat sunbed is essential for sunbathing on your back or taking a nap. The fully lowered backrest offers a completely flat surface. You can find it for sale in all materials.


Adapting to the shape of the body for relaxation, S-shaped loungers are ergonomic and comfortable. They are ideal for people with back problems and/or who struggle to lift themselves. They are essentially made of aluminium and textilene. This type of sunbed is perfect for those who want to relax in comfort in the sun.

upholstered sun lounger garden furniture

The ergonomic shape of this sun lounger allows all activities: sunbathing, reading, sleeping. Often equipped with wide armrests, these loungers offer a semi-sitting or lying position.


Now that you have chosen the shape of your sunbed, you need to choose the material. This choice can be made based on design, ease of maintenance or simply budget.


The merits of PVC are its durability, ease of maintenance and price! Timeless and suitable for tight budgets, the PVC cot requires a cushion because the material is quite hard and has a tendency to heat up in the sun. This makes it not the perfect material for your sunbed.


Braided resin has nothing to envy to PVC because in addition to having its advantages, it adds an aesthetic and modern touch! You can choose between two types of resin: moulded resin (cheaper) and braided resin (better from an aesthetic point of view). The use of a pillow is still recommended for greater comfort.


Only the structure of the beds is made of aluminium. This material has the advantage of being very light , which is very practical if you want to regularly store or shelter your sunbed. Made of stainless material, aluminium sunbeds offer a modern and essential design.


Wooden loungers are mostly made of exotic wood, especially teak. However, you can also find them in other woods like acacia, fir etc. Wood gives a lot of elegance and style to your outdoor environment. It still requires regular maintenance to retain its shades and appearance!


Deck chairs and folding beds can be purchased in large shopping centers, in areas dedicated to camping or garden furniture.

For sun loungers on the beach and by the pool, as soon as the summer season approaches, spaces are set up in each large store for their exposure.

In addition, in the holiday resorts there are always outdoor stalls where, if there are no particular claims, prices can also be affordable.

Online, on the other hand, there are numerous sites that can offer attractive proposals with fast delivery times and ease of payment methods.

So what are you waiting for to buy the sunbed that best suits your design and functionality needs? Summer is coming and surely you won’t want to be caught unprepared!


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