Innovative, functional and allowing significant energy savings, today we discover together the taps with sensor. An innovation that has finally spread from airports and stations to the homes of all of us citizens! Modernity also means greater safety, especially in public places. At a time when infectious diseases that we thought had been eradicated return to worry public opinion, especially in the news, it is perceived as even more necessary atechnological evolution. This process should start with basic human needs, such as using public toilets without risking contact with pathogenic germs.

If you use an ordinary faucet to wash your hands, your dirty hands will come into contact with the mixer, possibly leaving germs, bacteria and viruses on its surface that are present on your skin. Automatic taps controlled by a sensor can therefore be a good alternative to make hand washing more hygienic, especially in large families.

As the control takes place via an infrared sensor, no direct contact with the fitting is necessary. In this way, germs and pathogens do not have a chance. Taps with sensors allow you to use the water jet simply by approaching a sensor, usually a led, placed under the tap. This technology succeeds in limiting waste and using water only for the time needed by the user.

The taps are equipped with lithium batteries that, with modern technology, do not require constant maintenance and can last up to seven years.
Other advantages of electronic faucets include the ability to set the temperature of the water, preventing the user from risking burns by coming into contact with a flow of water that is too hot.



At the same time, stagnation spaces in sensor taps were kept to a minimum. This reduces the proliferation of dangerous pathogens such as Legionella.

Sensor-operated basin taps are equipped with additional functions that ensure greater hygiene, including regular automatic flushing to prevent stagnant water. You can also set up thermal disinfection and a cleaning mode that temporarily disables the sensor. In addition, an automatic faucet brings with it another advantage: because there are fewer contacts, it needs to be cleaned less frequently.

The taps with thermostatic sensor allow you to mix cold and hot water until you find the desired temperature, chosen by the thermostat and programmed directly by the user.

Addio, dunque, alle scottature dovute a docce improvvisamente troppo calde oppure ai brividi per l’acqua che, improvvisamente, piomba gelata sulla schiena dell’ignaro utilizzatore. Furthermore, the handle of the tap will always be heat-proof and will never overheat, consequently increasing user comfort. Being able to choose the exact temperature of the water for your little moments of daily pleasure proves to be a great convenience that everyone should be able to enjoy.

For these reasons of hygiene and convenience, more and more private users are deciding to switch to electronic taps and fittings and make a considerable technological leap towards a hi-tech bathroom.

The sensor works with particular precision: it is able to detect hand movements reliably, activating the water flow. Similarly, the sensor stops the flow when hands move away from the tap.


Taps with sensors can be installed without any prior knowledge. With an optional remote control included or, on select models, a smartphone and tablet app, you can adjust the preset sensor sensitivity and water jet stop time. The water temperature can also be adjusted manually with a small lever on the side of the sink faucet.


Of course, the selling prices of sensor taps are slightly higher than traditional ones, but if you then think about the subsequent savings on utility bills, they can’t be considered too high either. To equip yourself with a tap with a sensor, prices range from 150 euros to 400 euros. But faucets with infrared sensors can be very reasonably priced and affordable for everyone. You can find a lot of them on even just 50 euro, but we are not always at reliable products.

The aesthetic choice of kitchen sensor taps should be in line with the style of the room and the house. Usually, as far as materials are concerned, you will opt forstainless steel, which is rustproof and reliable. But if the style of your kitchen is decidedly vintage, you can comfortably still choose chrome-plated brass faucets.


In addition, the energy advantages are also considerable, given that the setting of a fixed temperature allows the boiler to perform less work, limiting absolute consumption.

How many times, moreover, during a shower no more hot water comes out because someone else, in the house, has turned on a tap?

By installing this type of tap, this will no longer happen and your shower will continue to be a moment of absolute relaxation, without turning into an unbearable nightmare.

Furthermore, the handle of the tap will always be heat-proof and will never overheat, consequently increasing user comfort.

Being able to choose the exact water temperature for your little moments of daily pleasure is a great convenience, which everyone should be able to enjoy.



Taps with sensors can significantly restrict water flow. Just think that a standard tap can dispense up to 12 litres per minute, a huge waste and above all meaningless. With the latest generation of taps, it is possible to mimic the flow of water down to just 4.5 litres per minute of water dispensed. In fact, many latest generation mixers have an opening regulator which brakes the passage of the jet upstream of the barrel.

The electronically operated taps are designed to limit the flow of water, but also to ensure greater hygiene in public toilets.

The tapware revolution began many years ago, but in recent years it has become commonplace, because awareness of waste prevention has become part of everyone’s consciousness, for a more conscious use of the resources that the planet offers. For an innovative and ecological choice, electronic taps and fittings seem to be the right combination of modernity and attention to others, and that is why we would like to suggest them to all our readers.


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