Lighting a terrace is a necessity, especially during summer periods. In fact, how many times have you complained about poor lighting during dinners or get-togethers with friends? Finally, this can all end, thanks to the very useful advice in this article.

For those who still don’t know how to light up their terrace, here are several ideas to make your space unique and functional, perfect for organizing events with family or friends.


In order to make perfect choices, you should always consider the size of the terrace. This is because depending on the space available, it will be possible to make an optimal choice.

For a small terrace, for example, not many lamps are needed but, on the contrary, just use a few but which are quite powerful, like the LED ones.

If instead the space starts to be medium, it will be appropriate to study a series of measures to enjoy good lighting on the terrace. In this case it is necessary to opt for a combination that is able to offer a good quality of light that never disappoints one’s expectations.



Those who are wondering how to illuminate the terrace will be able to start doing this by focusing on LED spotlights. These, in fact, will offer the opportunity to have a good lighting both without incurring excessive costs.

LED spotlights, such as those with sensors, are a good choice because they will light up by exploiting the presence of people, thus avoiding turning on and consuming unnecessary charge and electricity.

The classicplaceholder spotlights are also a good choice, especially if they are small in size and placed on a table that must be laden with dishes of various kinds.

It is therefore necessary to take advantage of this first remedy that offers the opportunity to have a good light source and at the same time that allows to avoid that the narrow spaces are further reduced by the presence of excessive instruments.


Finally, here are some tips to give that extra touch of class to your Vintage style terrace.

It is necessary to create a connection, a suspended current wire that crosses the entire terrace, thanks to which it will be possible to give that touch of light to make the environment bright.

Since this is the neglected style, also called Shabby, the perfect bulbs are the minimal ones, that is, without aesthetic features, which must still be LED.

In this circumstance it is possible to rely on vintage style bulbs or those that have clearly visible filament. In fact, few are enough given their luminous power. In addition, at the same time it will be possible to have the opportunity to give that touch of an old environment that manages to be particular and pleasant to see.

Obviously, it is also necessary to focus on a style of furniture that is in line with these lamps. Therefore the classic shabby style must also involve the furniture, which must have that look as simple as pleasant to see.


If, on the other hand, your terrace is spacious or has a modern style, the perfect solution is represented by spotlights and wall lamps, thanks to which you can give a touch of perfect lighting to a room.

It is simply a matter of choosing the type of lamp and spotlight with a body colour that is identical to that of the wall and furniture, so that style contrasts can be avoided.

Also in this case a few lamps and headlights and that’s it: being Led instruments the lighting style and power will be at its maximum.


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