Think about it: the house communicates the taste and style of those who live in it through a series of elements. First of all, the garden and the terrace but also windows and curtains help to define the “business card” of the private domestic space.

In fact, also for this reason the terrace furnishing project deserves to be given due attention (and with the advice of a professional). Especially when the available surface is large, the risk of making incorrect purchases or arranging the various elements incorrectly is greater.

It is better, therefore, to take time and evaluate all the salient aspects of the terrace before starting to choose, instinctively, furniture and plants. Attention, therefore, to the orientation, the presence of specific condominium rules to be followed and the provision of external electrical outlets.

In addition to the planimetric development, in fact, all these features will allow you to understand how to bring out the potential of your terrace and which functions to associate. Without ever forgetting that there are also easy low cost ideas to improve or enrich it not only in summer!

In addition, there are must-have furniture that can embellish it and make it functional all year round. Whether you want to enjoy your outdoor space with family or friends, here are the secrets suggested by the most famous interior designers in Italy.


To furnish the terrace it is essential to choose the right furnishings. These, in fact, must be selected based on the space available and how you want to use the outdoor space.

For example, if you want to dine or dine outdoors, you need to find a suitable table, of adequate size and with the right seats. If, on the other hand, the balcony is used to relax and read, a deck chair or an enveloping wicker armchair will suffice.

In general, the must-have furniture for balconies and terraces are chairs, including deck chairs, low tables, armchairs, umbrellas, awnings. Everything must be suitable for outdoor use and, it will be an excellent idea, especially in winter, to arrange waste baskets for separate collection.

Each one will then have his personal must-have furniture, to be researched according to habits and tastes.



For the furnishing of the terrace, creative recycling techniques can be used. In fact, these allow you to give new life especially to old furniture or accessories, above all giving it a new location and use.

For example, a car tire can become an outdoor table, a fruit box will be transformed into a pot for vertical cultivation, etc.

It is easy to follow the tutorials available on the web and also refer to specific manuals that are also found in the library. Anyone can make their own furnishings for balconies, terraces, verandas or gardens, even if they are not DIY experts.

Very original are also the lamps created with old mocha coffee makers, or the cages for canaries that become cases for aromatic plants or flowers. Making vases is essential and many disused objects are perfect. Examples can be glass jars, chipped bowls, broken or roughly glued ceramic vases, wicker baskets, etc.


In addition, in order to make outdoor environments livable and functional, as well as beautiful, it is also essential to choose accessories. Those who will make the difference are capable of giving maximum personalization and guaranteeing a unique practicality, tailored to their needs.

For example, if the balcony or terrace is particularly sunny and you will want to stop there in the hottest hours, it will be important to choose curtains. Or at least create a natural screen using plants, creating a sort of pergola, or a covering of bamboo canes or other natural material.

The same also applies to flooring that may be in simple tiles or covered with special floating squares, available in wood or other materials. Synthetic turf carpets or wood-like porcelain stoneware coverings are also very popular, always to be chosen with the help of a technician.

Among the accessories that make the difference there are irrigation systems, which often are simply represented by a water pipe, long enough for irrigation, to be hooked to a practical external tap.


The terrace furniture also includes the right selection of plants and flowers, indispensable in these outdoor spaces. To find the best species you will have to resort to the authoritative advice of a nurseryman, or a green designer.

In fact, it is necessary to take into account not only the climate and the position of flowers and plants, but also the time you can dedicate to it and the space you have available. Those who do not have a green thumb can opt for artificial plants, fake but with a decidedly realistic look.

In fact, on the market there are all types, even sagging, bushy, or in compositions already made. Furthermore, in this way the terrace or balcony will have a natural, fresh and relaxing appearance, but guaranteeing you a very low maintenance and an unmistakable aesthetic result.

Finally, you can also choose aromatic plants or potted vegetables and vegetables, such as chillies, salads, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.


A definitely loved and above all functional element to be placed on the terrace or balcony is the barbecue. This, in fact, now available in infinite versions, shapes and sizes, is particularly useful in the hot season.

If the condominium regulations allow it, it will be possible to make excellent grilled meat, fish, vegetables and even fruit. Some models are electric, others work with embers and once closed they can be left outside even for the whole winter season.

Furthermore, the models to be attached to the railing are very popular and very space-saving. These seem simple planters and, with the appropriate precautions, they will guarantee excellent barbecues even on narrow balconies. Those who have an old unused barbecue can transform it into an original flower vase.


The outdoor space, be it a balcony, a terrace, a veranda or a patio, can be furnished in a maritime style. In fact, very few elements will be enough to create an environment reminiscent of seaside towns and which will bring you back to the atmosphere of the holidays for a few hours.

For example, you can use a wooden table, painted blue or white and treated with the decapage technique. In this way the furniture will take on a rustic and fascinating aspect. In addition, perfect and scenographic are also old shutters or doors, to be used as tables or to decorate the walls of the balcony.

Finally, perfect are the wicker rocking chairs, or the hammocks in rope, to be placed strictly away from the railings. In the vases, shells and sand can be placed, while marine-themed furnishings will look great on the windowsills.


Even the ethnic style is perfect for terrace furnishings and will give you joy and practicality using a few accessories. In fact, very practical poufs are enough to sit on, perhaps made using many ideas of creative recycling.

There must also be lanterns of oriental or Indian origin, alternatively candles, tea lights, or anti-mosquitoes will also be perfect.

Flowers and plants will help define the ethnic atmosphere: cheerful, lively and welcoming.

Finally, indispensable will then be the wooden, bamboo, also with wicker, straw or raffia details. On the market there are many furnishing fabrics capable of recreating the right atmosphere in a few steps, making you spend even very little.


A mix between modern and vintage is the industry style, or industrial in Italian. To furnish your outdoor space following this genre, simply reuse old furniture, even purchased from a junk dealer or in a flea shop.

If you don’t like the idea, however, you can find new accessories made with this mood. The furnishings have a simple, rough appearance and are mainly made of wood, also chipboard or pressed.

In addition, the details are in metal, wrought iron and there is no shortage of old-style copper, brass or lead colored lamps. In fact, the industry style is perfect for city balconies or terraces, to create visual harmony with the metropolitan landscape.

But it can also be sweetened by inserting plants with romantic and fresh nuances such as light green, white, yellow and pinks.


Shabby and country styles are also ideal for embellishing balconies and terraces. In particular, wooden chairs with straw or wicker seats, rocking armchairs and matching tables can be used.

Alternatively, the outdoor furniture in wrought iron, with a vintage mood and painted in soft or dark colors as desired, will also be perfect. Indispensable, moreover, are the furnishing fabrics, better if squared or with floral prints, better if with very small designs.

Finally, flowers and plants are indispensable and will emphasize the rustic aspect of the styles mentioned.


The modern style is also suitable for outdoor environments. In fact, the most suitable complements are minimal, made with technological materials, light, durable and easy to clean.

This kind of furniture will also give great practicality to balconies and terraces that will be almost Zen, relaxing and reassuring.

The topic colors are total white or total black, which can be combined with light colored plants and flowers. Alternatively, you can play with only one color but very lively like yellow or red.


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