If you are thinking of changing the floor of your home or you are renovating or furnishing a new home, terracotta is the material for you.

Healthy and natural, real handmade terracotta is produced with clay and water, it can also be used if you choose a floor heating system. In fact, terracotta offers a very high level of conductivity as well as maintaining heat for a long time.

In general, many think that a terracotta floor is definitely binding in the choice of furnishings, that it fits only with classic or rustic furniture and accessories, with wood finishes, perhaps in walnut, with a country or shabby chic style.

In reality, this type of cladding can also be perfectly combined with contemporary and modern furnishings, even with colors that you would never have imagined.

In fact, the combinations of colors, styles and shapes for walls and floors are infinite. In this regard, there is a perfect design for every person: classic, contemporary and modern.

However, when choosing floors, aesthetics should never be put first. It may be tempting to choose modern tiles based on style, to then consider other features such as fragility and difficulty of cleaning later.

One of the most popular options for the modern home is terracotta flooring, known for its durability and the way it can evoke a variety of styles.

A wide range of options makes this an attractive choice for the modern home. Let’s see, therefore, how to furnish in a modern style with a terracotta floor.


For an elegantly cut terracotta setting, it is advisable to choose light furnishings and white walls. On the terracotta floor it is possible to combine sofas in light fabric, glass table with wrought iron base and modern design objects as furnishing accessories.

In addition, the combination with ceramic wall lights is also interesting.

To furnish a room paved with terracotta in an original way, it is necessary to follow some small precautions in order not to make mistakes.

To avoid this risk, it is appropriate to choose some pieces with a slightly retro taste, or real antique crafts. You can buy a high-quality piece of furniture to be associated with a table with a tempered glass and stainless steel top.

The chairs, in this case, must have an innovative and current style. The ideal is to buy exclusive design products. On the other hand, given that their cost is sometimes prohibitive, the choice can fall back on chairs in resistant transparent colored Plexiglas.

In order not to divert attention from the terracotta floor, it is advisable to avoid using curtains and rugs entirely. In fact, terracotta bricks will furnish your interior! Instead, the use of terracotta tiles and flat tiles is recommended.

Furthermore, as regards the kitchen, it is better to choose natural wood furniture with very soft hues (for example bleached oak).

Even if the furniture is made with traditional materials, its appearance must be modern and innovative.

Window curtains are best avoided, but if you really cannot give up your privacy, use extremely light curtains made of linen or organza fabric.



Let’s see specifically, with which styles a terracotta floor can be combined in the best way.


To emphasize the beauty of your modern furniture, an interesting combination could be with square terracotta tiles.

If, on the other hand, yours is, for example, a “total white” style, you could also dare by combining a red brick that can be perfectly used even in a small city apartment.

In fact, you should choose a color that you are really in love with because the furniture is easily changed, but for the floor the changes are less fast!


If you are traditionalist and think that terracotta should be combined with a classic style, you need to understand what type of “classic” is yours.

In practice, do you prefer light wood or dark wood furniture? Is your house very bright or has few windows and few natural light points? Once these concepts have been clarified, choosing your ideal terracotta will be much easier.

For example, if you love dark wood furniture but don’t have a very spacious and bright house, let your choice fall on a light-colored terracotta.

If, on the other hand, yours is a well-lit house with large windows, you can also opt for a Tuscan red terracotta, with dark shades but particularly elegant.


Do you prefer the rustic style? The terracotta floor is certainly the right choice, but how to accompany it to make the environment rich and comfortable?

The load-bearing element could certainly be the fireplace, which goes particularly well with the typical characteristics of a rustic setting.

Certainly it is appropriate to create a sort ofchromatic link between the shades of the floor and the color of the walls: for rustic furnishings we recommend all the nuances that refer to natural lands.


Today more and more interior designers try to mix styles to offer new ideas and particularities. The choice to propose more classic furnishing elements alongside other modern ones is very fashionable.

For this 2020 we will also see the prevalence of an industrial style with raw materials alongside ethnic-style elements. In this case, the terracotta floor must be chosen very carefully and used to enhance one or the other aspect.

For example, if you love industrial style and your furniture will see a prevalence of dark iron, you can mitigate it with a light terracotta.

If instead you offer iron furniture you can definitely opt for darker shades in the floor. Alternatively you can choose a multicolor terracotta and maybe mount it in order to play with the various shades and create a unique floor.

Finally, another way to balance modern furnishings and terracotta flooring is to also introduce vintage or retro furniture or accessories.


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