The tomato red color has a strong therapeutic action and choosing it means focusing on high quality furniture and to be used appropriately. Here are some furnishing tips.

According to Feng shui experts, tomato red is a color that gives love, happiness and passion. In China, they are convinced that thanks to this shade it is possible to achieve maximum well-being. He is able to influence emotions, give courage and strength in individual actions. That’s why, it could be an idea to use it inside your home and also in your workspace for an energetic and lively decor.

However, we must be careful not to overdo it. In fact, the red color is also very strong at times, it can become annoying if not used correctly. Here are some secrets for decorating with tomato red.


To obtain the tomato red shade, the primary colors are mixed in this way:

  • 100% red
  • 38.82% green
  • 27.84% blue

The RGB code of the tomato red color is: 255, 99, 71. Among the shades that are closest there are:

  • Terra di Siena: #e97451
  • Light orange red: #f75e25
  • Coral: #ff7f50
  • Vermilion: #ff4d00
  • Salmon Orange: #e55137.


The tomato red hue is very exciting. That’s why it should be used for large, well-lit rooms. It is also the first type of color that babies recognize immediately and by hand. That’s why you can think of using it as always in the children’s room. This powerful shade should be avoided in too narrow spaces because otherwise, since it is a very warm color, it will eventually make the entire environment smaller.

You can decide to create a light wall with beige, ivory or white contrasted with a corner made in tomato red. In this way, the power of this shade will be exploited without exaggerating in its use. It is then appropriate to combine it in the right way.


The tomato red color can be combined with various types of colors, first of all with light ones. We are talking, for example, of white, beige and very light gray. These three shades represent the other side of tomato red. It is ideal to think of walls in light shades to contrast with red corners or in a total white, total gray or total beige environment. You can insert red furniture elements or those that recall this shade.

To make a home warmer and more welcoming, you can combine tomato red with wood tones. In this solution, a very classic and equally warm effect is created. Natural colors combined with tomato red with small details or corners of the wall will make the space more welcoming. Another idea for those who love classic taste is to combine this shade with gold or silver. In the first case, it will be an elegant style, while in the second case a more contemporary mood.


Tomato red can also be used in the Industrial style. In fact, many are lovers of this strong color that it can make a rough and exposed brick space, like the Industrial one, even more personalized. Small touches of lighting with red walls or decorated with this color will be enough to create something stronger and more personalized.


Tomato red can be used in virtually any room. Also recommended for that of children and babies, the idea of creating a bedroom cannot be excluded. Usually it is preferred that furnishing accessories dominate, rather than the walls in a bedroom; not reaching the goal of relaxation could prove deleterious. Instead, the idea of opting for a kitchen of this color is increasingly widespread.

There are various models, some that have their own furniture in lacquered or matt red and others, instead of combining red furnishing accessories in a total white, total black or total gray kitchen. In other situations, you can also opt for a white and red or completely red floor for a detachment from a light colored or completely dark colored piece of furniture. A good furnishing solution in the living room? You can think of a red sofa in an environment of a more subdued shade. And the bathroom? This red is increasingly trendy in the bathroom both for the modern style, combined with wood or light colors, and for the classic style.



Such tomato red is considered creative for window frames. It is particularly energetic, acts on the body and gives vitality. It also helps you feel better. This is why this color is also chosen for the windows. It is able to give a touch of particular class to the doors, even to the entrance. Sometimes, it is used to see the bedroom door or for windows. However, it is good to do it in moderation, taking into account the size of the spaces. In fact, by using red in a space that is too narrow, the risk is to further reduce the room from a visual point of view.


Of course, opting for red means giving a strong personality to the house. Whether in the kitchen, in the living room or in the bedroom, in the children’s room, the various furnishing accessories can give the right touch of character to the environment. The important thing is to alternate with very dark or very light shades, so as to be able to balance the strong effect that this type of shade tends to give.


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