A white bedroom is definitely a solution of great charm, because white is a color that gives calm and purity, as well as class and sophistication, as well as giving brightness and an undisputed spatiality to the environment.

This is perhaps why white as the only colour is one of the most fashionable trends in the interior design sector, especially when faced with the idea of white as the only colour. in front of bedroom furniture.

White is certainly not a new trend, rather a timeless evergreen with distant roots, easy to combine and great light catalyst. In fact, no color like this fully adapts to sleep rooms.

Linked to the concepts of purity, innocence and renewal, it is the best way to rest. to rest peacefully and start a new day.

In addition, unlike many other colors that over the years have been a “novelty” for this environment, in fact, white has evolved slowly, with unpublished textile and furnishing experiments and with interesting tone-on-tone chromatic shades.

A renewal that over time has however confirmed it as color guide to dress the bed and, in many cases, even as a complete coloring to furnish the entire space to dedicate to sleep.

Finally, let’s try to discover some ways, with the addition of some advice, to use it in total candor, between different lines, fun style digressions and mountains of soft cushions.



What is called total white furniture is a choice that goes hand in hand with a modern, contemporary and minimalist style. Furnishing a house, and in this case a bedroom, in fact, with only one color may seem like a gamble, but white offers numerous advantages:

  • first of all, being able to reflect natural light, it increases the brightness of the environment;
  • it is a color that increases the perception of room size;
  • allows you to create interesting color contrasts with any other color;
  • it adapts to any style and furnishing material, and is fine both in minimalist houses with modern materials, such as steel and glass, and in classic or more traditional houses, characterized by wood and vintage accessories;
  • finally, it is a color that conveys serenity.

And when we are tired and we want to immerse ourselves in a fresh and light environment, what better place can there be if not a white bedroom?

The choice of white is then especially indicated when we find ourselves with a small bedroom, in which a dark or colored decor would excessively weigh down the environment.

White gives us the opportunity to create a space that conveys a feeling of lightness and breadth.


But often the use of total white is underestimated due to the complex cleaning it requires.

The main difficulty of this style lies in keeping the rooms clean, since unfortunately every trace of dirt will always stand out.

The total white furniture for the bedroom should not be improvised, because if not studied, it will lead to a room with an aseptic, cold and personalityless look.

A white bedroom, once furnished in its base, base, can in fact be completed with interesting textures : carpets, curtains, paintings, vases, lamps that can be with imagination and versatility, and that will give your imprinting.

But be careful to use colors only on some accessories, because the rest of the room must remain white.

In addition, it must be established at the beginning of the renovation or in progress, where the light points will be placed and what type of lamp will be used is important.

Having the right amount of light, also guaranteed by the curtains chosen in an accurate and suitable for the environment, will allow you to stay in the bedroom even just to read calmly or try on the new clothes you have just purchased.

Finally, driven by the taste for romance and the candid and precious atmospheres, you might be tempted to play with the match with another passionate and sweetish tint like pink.

Nothing could be more wrong, unless you want to have a sugared almond effect, with a delicate room that seems to have fallen into a noble era of the past.

Furthermore, we can say with certainty that total white is a timeless style, which reflects elegance and freshness for homes, whether they are in the countryside, in the city or by the sea.


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