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Who among you has never dreamed of having a total white living room? This type of furniture, as daring as it is unique, will be able to give your home a unique touch of class and elegance.

Living room decor is not something to take for granted. After all, this is the room in the house where you’re likely to spend the quietest and most enjoyable hours of the day with friends and family.

The various pieces of living room furniture must harmoniously dialogue with each other. Choosing one sofa or table over another can make all the difference to a classy, designer decor.


Painting the walls with white is the solution that many people use to make their total white living room look wider and brighter. In fact, it is a solution that does not commit, that is easy to correct and that perfectly enhances the radiance of the main room of the house.

A few more problems arise when you want to furnish the entire total white living room: not only the walls, but also the furniture, accessories and sofas. In order to correctly and balancedly elaborate this type of stay, however, the right indications are needed, in order not to incur gross stylistic errors.

living room-total-white


The first rule to keep in mind is that there is no single shade of white. So a total white living room can be furnished taking inspiration from the different shapes of chrome plating that this color is able to offer.

Cream, ivory and cream, the first ideal solution is to use a mixture of these colors.


In addition, you should always consider very carefully how the total white living room is displayed. If the living room is located to the south, it will receive direct sunlight for most of the day.

So in this case a good advice will be to use a rather clear shade of white, to exalt the brightness of the environment in an excellent way.

If, on the other hand, the total white living room faces north, we advise you to furnish it with less light shades of white so that the living room is not too cold. The lack of brightness, in fact, could make the living room less beautiful, not adequately enhancing all the accessories contained within it.


For a leather and design sofa the choice may fall on Duny by Tonin Casa, modern, comfortable and with a particular shape. Perfect for your total white living room. If instead you want to stay on the same material, opt for the Helena corner sofa by Ego Italiano, if the dimensions of the room allow it. Otherwise a beautiful Connubia sofa easily adaptable to both modern and classic furniture.

Otherwise available in this color are also fabric sofas, here we recommend you to buy a removable cover, certainly easier to wash.


To soften the white of the sofa in a total white living room, you can add a low table made entirely of glass like the Menhir model by Flai or with elements and finishes in another material.

If instead you decide for a low wooden table then opt for a very dark color, the contrast between white and brown will give a very pleasing effect to the eye and certainly will not go unnoticed.

If you want, with the low table for the living room total white you can also dare with a touch of bright color, in case to match the pillows that you will place on the sofa, in this case we recommend the Wizard Bontempi magazine table in steel, available in different colors.

An original solution could also be a glass coffee table, perfect to give liveliness and brightness to your furniture.

living room-total-white


A self-respecting total white living room cannot be without a wall unit or shelves.

In the first case, a totally white or two-colour wall system is certainly suitable, always combining white with a beige or matt mud colour, as for example Tonin Casa does with the Leaves collection.

As far as the shelves are concerned, there is a wide range of choice and combination of colours and materials: from white lacquer to glass and brighter colours.


For a total white living room, remember that the floor also needs its part: if bleached wood does not convince you, especially in rooms like the kitchen, an alternative could be light marble. Keep in mind, however, that marble requires proper maintenance to preserve its shine, so much so that it would be a good idea to polish it two or three times a year with wax.

The recommendation is always the same: in a totally white “container”, play with the furniture and with different materials to warm up the environment and make it more pleasant and welcoming.


Other elements that are very important and on which you need to dwell a bit more to think before making a choice are the dining table and the chairs.

For a total white decor that is not too extreme, a wise choice might be to take one of the two elements in white and choose another material and color for the other piece of furniture.

For example, with a beautiful crystal table with a chrome metal structure, such as the Diablo model by Comnnubia, it is possible to combine leather, fabric or polypropylene chairs with metal feet, while if the table material is wood, then the chairs must be white with a wooden structure.

If instead you prefer the table to be white, in this case it is possible to combine wooden chairs with it or make a total chromatic break with chairs in polypropylene coloured red, yellow or in another very strong tonality such as the Jordan of Friulsedie.


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