Have you ever thought of decorating your living room in turquoise? It might seem like a risky choice, but with the right measures it will make your living room a unique and harmonious area.

There are several colors that are often put on the back burner and overlooked when deciding to furnish and decorate your home. On the other hand, lighter and calmer shades of colour are often original and give a sophisticated touch to the home. This is the case of turquoise, a color that expresses tranquility and helps to bring lightness to the decor. Turquoise has a calming effect and promotes concentration: perfect for the bedroom and living room. Bring some fresh energy into your home!



The color turquoise is known to have many different shades, all equally beautiful and original. It starts with a very light turquoise that expresses peace and tranquility, passes through a medium shade reminiscent of the sea and arrives at a darker turquoise, decidedly elegant. The different shades are given by the undertones and the mix of colours that compose it: it can be more inclined to blue or green, or have hints of white in the lightest shade.

  • Light turquoise: Turquoise is sometimes very light and cool, depending on the proportion of white within it. With a bluish undertone, light turquoise is suitable for decorating the nursery or children’s room, as it expresses tranquility and familiarity. It is a refreshing color that is well suited to smaller spaces, in fact if used as a wall color it helps to make the room more airy. The perfect combinations are with white, cream and for an original touch, with yellow.
  • Mediumturquoise: this medium colour reminds us of the sea and transports us to a tropical beach. It is suitable for young houses and modern apartments. It has both blue and green undertones, and depending on how you pair it, it looks more sophisticated or more jaunty. We love it as a color for furnishing and decorating the bathroom, but also as a color for accents inside the kitchen, such as plates and cups or an original wall. If you have a light colored couch, a turquoise colored rug is also beautiful. Since it’s not as dark, it doesn’t weigh down the room. It goes great with gray and cream color.
  • Dark turquoise: with elegance, dark turquoise is synonymous with sophistication and style. Combined with black, gold and yellow it diffuses an atmosphere of yesteryear and contributes to a more adult ambience. It is suitable for furnishing a medium or large living room, using it as the colour of important upholstered furniture, such as a Chesterfield sofa or a round pouf. For very small rooms a darker tone is less suitable, because it takes up so much space and the colour would overload the room.


  • Natural materials such as wooden flooring, a sisal rug or bamboo accessories are particularly suitable to match this colour. These materials give the turquoise a natural lightness, and immerse the room in a maritime style that immediately reminds us of summer, sun and sea.
  • A rich turquoise color harmonizes beautifully with fine materials such as velvet or linen. Use this material for living room or bedroom textiles.
  • Combined with shiny brass or gold elements, with turquoise you can evoke a very chic 1920s style in your home!


The turquoise color looks very fresh on the walls and can completely change the interior. For this reason, it is often used for white living room designs, for example on one of the walls, to create an interesting effect. This way you can make a small interior look slightly larger.

Manufacturers offer various types of paint in different shades. You can find at least a dozen paints of this color that slightly differ from each other. It is essential to find a shade that is not too light and not too dark.

The turquoise color on the wall is a perfect base for decorations. Big, bright pictures and photographs in white frames look great in them. It can also be a good background for a white couch. Plus, it’s perfect for a TV wall.


Well matched furniture can create a unique atmosphere in the interiors. This is what the color turquoise can do. Do you think finding furniture in this color is difficult? On the contrary. Are you dreaming of a corner sofa or armchair in this light color? Many companies offer various models – both in physical stores and online. You didn’t find what you wanted? No problem. You can order a light turquoise armchair directly from the manufacturer. The cost of the service is typically the same as purchasing a ready-made model.


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