If you are lucky enough to have a nice terrace, the sun umbrella is certainly the essential element to be able to enjoy it fully and at all hours. Having an umbrella not only allows you to decorate your terrace in style, but above all it protects you from the sun in the hottest hours and from humidity in the evening hours. Not only that, the umbrella is able to create a relaxation area and allows you to shelter a bit from the prying eyes of the neighbors. In short, an outdoor umbrella is an object that you can not give up if you want to make unique the living room on your terrace and, why not, organize nice meals with friends.

With this short guide we will help you choose the right parasol for your needs.



Before embarking on the purchase of a parasol it is necessary to take into account, first of all, the size of the space that will host it, and then the style, which must be in line with the rest of the environment. The prevailing atmospheric environment should also be taken into account. For example, in places that are very windy or have frequent rainfall, you will need to opt for a sturdy umbrella that can be fixed to the ground and has a solid and reliable structure that can withstand the weather without tipping over or deteriorating.

On the market there are garden umbrellas of various shapes and sizes (round, square, rectangular, etc.), with different types of sunshade (coloured, monochrome, polyester, cotton, etc.) and opening mechanisms (classic, crank, remote control, etc.).

However, we can group them into 2 macro categories:

  • Garden umbrellas with central arm (or pole)
  • garden umbrellas with side arm


The umbrellas with central support are the simplest and most classic, that is, they are made like a real umbrella in a giant version. The support consists of a pole that can be driven into the ground or on a base that forms the structure on the ground. The umbrella thus created is slim, takes up little space and can be chosen in different sizes and materials.

Center-arm umbrellas are ideal for those who don’t have a lot of outdoor space. They come in all sizes: the standard ones (3x3m or 3x4m) are able to create a perfect shaded area for a table and 4 chairs. As the support is central, the structure is stable. Round squares and rectangular and irregular, they are produced both in wood and aluminium in various types of fabric and colours and represent the standard from which the whole series of models originates, always enhancing any space and making it usable for any type of need.


If you have enough space, then you can opt for an umbrella with a side arm. In addition to tending to be larger than those with a central pole, they allow you to enjoy the entire shaded area without any problem, since the arm at the side does not obstruct the space under the canvas in any way.

In addition, the off-center mount makes it easier to follow the movement of the sun during the day, making it easier to adjust the angle of the shade. The ability to orient the cover as needed makes it perfect for windy areas.

A crank handle is usually attached to the long side of the wooden pole to easily adjust the opening and closing of the umbrella.


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