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The umbrella stand is one of the most useful entrance accessories.

Placing it near the door is a matter of practicality, so you don’t drip it at home when you return and you have it handy when you leave.

The only reflections to be made on the position of the umbrella standare related to the ideal place to place it in the entrance of the house and to the design that this object has.

In fact, the entrance to a home can be furnished in many ways, even by choosing a minimal aspect with a few carefully weighted elements.

In this case, the practical side is preferred to aesthetics as an end in itself, therefore we start from the objects that can be considered indispensable.

One of the elements that cannot be missing in an entrance is undoubtedly the umbrella stand, so as to have them handy when you go out and avoid dripping around when you return home.

The only reason why you do not put an umbrella stand in the entrance is if you leave it outside the front door, but it is not a solution that can always be adopted.

Given the position of the umbrella stand you must choose the model with great care.

Defining it as a business card of the house would be exaggerated, however it is one of the elements that could be seen as soon as you enter the entrance.

The conditional is a must, because you can also opt for space-saving umbrella stands that remain hidden behind the door or between the entrance furniture.


Given its function, it may be wise to take advantage of a small unused space, such as the wall behind the door that opens, the space between a piece of furniture and a radiator or an empty corner.

To do this, however, you must carefully choose a space-saving model and be sure that the measurements are compatible with the area where you have to place it.

Furthermore, the measures are not everything, because an umbrella stand remains a piece of furniture that can be noticed immediately as soon as you enter the front door. This is why it is also important to choose a pleasant model that integrates well with the furnishings.

The differentiation between the forms meets the different needs. In fact, an umbrella stand that will have to occupy a corner will have different shapes from one that will be placed in the space between a wall and a door.


Many times it happens to come across models to say the least anonymous, so as to make one doubt that the container where there are umbrellas was really born for that purpose.

A bit like in those shops where you never understand if those bins left at the entrance are for umbrellas or large baskets.

In a house these ambiguities are not there, also because there are not many people who put a basket in the entrance.

However, this does not mean that one model is worth the other, because it is not so from a practical point of view.

It is true that even a bucket could play the role of umbrella stand, but there are models designed to perform the only function that is required of them in different ways according to the needs.

The best example concerns the management of spaces, because a design umbrella stand designed to stand behind a door that opens, offers more solutions on its positioning in the entrance.

Consequently it is wrong to say that umbrella stands do their job all the same.


Choosing small umbrella stands gives two advantages. In fact, on the one hand, it optimizes the space where there is little, on the other, it allows you to hide an element that is put in the entrance only for practical reasons.

The disadvantage of these models is in the number of umbrellas they can accommodate, but in reality the capacity is a very relative aspect.

In fact, it is not certain that a space-saving umbrella stand must necessarily host a few umbrellas, or in any case in insufficient numbers for one’s own needs.

In many families 4 umbrellas are enough, and models that can hold less of them are more unique than rare.

As for the shapes and sizes, however, they are very variable, precisely to offer different solutions to meet every need.

For example there are narrow and long models that are perfect to put in the space that remains between the part and an open door, while the square-based models instead are ideal for corners.

If the umbrella stand remains hidden, the style can also be overshadowed, giving priority to shapes and sizes. Otherwise also the design becomes a fundamental feature in the choice.

umbrella stand living design furniture


An umbrella stand is not just something useful for the entrance of a home. In fact, it can also be a piece of furniture that gives a special aspect to one of the many domestic environments.

Just choose carefully and go in search of the most original models on the market. In fact, the times when a metal cylinder with various finishes could be enough as an umbrella stand are long gone.

Today the sector offers many models with very varied shapes, styles and colors, so as to satisfy every taste or stylistic idea.

In addition, the choice can be based on many factors, primarily giving continuity to the rest of the furniture, or at least to that of the entrance area.

In fact, it is difficult for the umbrella stand to be the starting point from which the rest of the furniture and accessories are selected.

On the contrary, it can be the icing that perfects and completes your furniture work, adding one of the many details that can make a difference on the final result.

In all this, the umbrella stand also assumes its importance, and from here the attention that many design studios pay to this element is explained.

umbrella stand



If the styles are varied, the same can be said of the materials and colors, which in the possible combinations offer an infinite number of possibilities.


As far as materials are concerned, the most popular are plastic, metal and wood. Plastic is the cheapest and most versatile material, but the one that qualitatively can offer the least.

On the contrary, metal, with the stainless steel being the most popular, offers more solid and long-lasting models, and with the painting you can find models of every color.

Wood, on the other hand, is the rarest one to find, at least if you think of 100% wooden umbrella stands.

Instead composite models made of multiple materials are more common and also more interesting. For example, an umbrella stand with a steel structure embellished with wooden panels can be a good compromise.

The solidity of steel is exploited but the warmth and beauty of wood is added. Both natural and finished in various ways.


As for the colors, there is only the embarrassment of choice, just to not limit the choice or force compromises compared to what was planned.

The most common colors, in addition to the natural ones of metal or wood, are undoubtedly white and black. Not only for reasons of taste for those looking for an umbrella stand, but also for versatility and ease of combination.

The black and white models are those that can be adapted to many types of furniture, do not attract attention in an exaggerated way and allow manufacturers not to make lines with endless lists of colors.

However, if you want to add a touch of color, both in continuity with the rest of the furniture, and to add a pinch of eccentricity to the entrance, there are umbrella stands of every possible color.

In this case, finding the model with the right shape or size and even the desired color can be a little more difficult. But sometimes the search for home furnishings is a matter of luck and randomness.


If you are looking for space-saving umbrella stands with refined design for your entrance, you will be spoiled for choice with all the models available.

You just have to think about your entrance and choose your ideal umbrella stand.

In this regard, let your imagination run wild trying to best adapt your umbrella stand with the dominant style in your home. The result will be a nice glance when someone comes to visit you at home!

umbrella stand

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