Tires can be a big deal when it comes to waste management and recycling. On the other hand, there are do-it-yourself ways to recycle old tires for cars, motorcycles or bicycles, and avoid polluting the environment.

Most studies indicate that tires slowly release toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment.

Many of these studies, however, describe long-term effects when the tires are exposed to the elements.

In this regard, it is probably a good idea not to use them to grow edible plants.

Many other applications, however, should be safe, especially if the tires are somehow covered or not touched too often.

In any case, many of us are always looking for ideas to recycle old objects, and these examples could serve as inspiration!

As in the case of pallets, elements completely unrelated to domestic use enter our homes, premises, shops, gardens, offices thanks to creative reuse.

You can do different things with tires in a simple way and with a few moves!

In fact, for original flower beds and planters for the garden it will be enough to simply paint the old tires of a beautiful cheerful and bright color that will match the colorful flowers of the garden.

If, on the other hand, you want to go a little further, your exterior can be populated with nice shapes that your imagination and your manual ability allow you.


Thanks to creative recycling (or rather it would be more correct to say creative reuse) we can make new clothes and accessories for ourselves and for our home, toys for children, kennels for pets, pots for our vegetable garden, frames and holders, rugs, curtains, DIY furniture and much more.

Discover lots of ideas for creative recycling thanks to the collection below. These creative recycling projects will help you save money and resources in your daily life.

You’ll discover the countless uses possible with simple discarded tires. If you are able to work with imagination and creativity nothing will be precluded!


The circular shape makes the proposals of very large chairs and seats decidedly practicable, being able to finish in a colorful and very soft way with cushions and foam.

In fact, used tires can turn into beautiful poufs. For the construction of a pouf you will need two tires.

Place the two tires one on top of the other and with a drill make holes useful for fixing long screws. Finally, block them with nuts to make the structure more solid.

Then paint the rubber: this will ensure that the pouf is in line with the style of the rest of the house.

Finally, complete the structure by attaching a foam cushion to a circle of plywood, and cover everything with the fabric of your choice.

The cushion will be glued to a larger plywood circle. In fact, this step will make it more stable. Finally, fix the structure of the cushion to the rubbers with bio-adhesive glue.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a table, make the same structure with the tires produced for the pouf.

In this case, however, replace the cushion with a glass plate, a sheet of wood or even a mirror. Finally, glue the platform to the tire structure.


If you have a dog or cat, you can turn the tires into a comfortable bed. The structure is simple. In fact, just have a tire, washed and painted at your convenience.

Then, to build the ideal dog bed, close one side of the rubber with a sheet of plywood. Now you have a container that you just need to fill with warm blankets to pamper your puppy.


To create a curious garden planter, just wash the tires, paint them and then place them in the garden to attach them to the wall. In the latter case, just put the pots of the plants you prefer inside the tires.

If, on the other hand, you decide to put the tires in the garden, to transform them into DIY pots, just fill them with soil and plant your favorite flowers.


Finally, it takes little to even get a garden swing for children from the tires.

In fact, having a playground to create is perhaps a dream but why not ask kindergarten if they need old tires?


In addition, with the progressive spread of functional training, it is increasingly common to see old tires used in fitness rooms or in the open air.

In fact, training with tires serves in particular to increase resistant strength and power.

From simply rolling the wheel over to jumping in and out of the tire hole, tire exercises can be fun too!


Heavily polluting if abandoned in the environment, old car tires or tires are an object that can be reused in many different and creative ways.

Just a touch of color, practicality and imagination and the tires are transformed into any furnishing accessory that your creativity will be able to give birth to!

Indeed, in Italy, there are 700 football fields made entirely through the recycling of old car tires.

In Europe alone there are about 2 million tons of disused tires and old car tires end up being burned with enormous environmental damage.

Hence, it is very important to prevent this from happening and, whenever possible, try to reuse them in a creative and fun way!

Arm yourself with imagination and patience and create the design of your dreams with your own hands! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, creative recycling, as well as being useful for design and also a source of personal satisfaction!


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