Venice is certainly one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world. Venetian style furniture is increasingly trendy. Venetian style furniture is one of the many examples of how the Italian Baroque style allows you to furnish a house in an elegant and alternative way.


During the Renaissance, Venice was one of the most important cultural centers of our country and it is of this period the birth of the Venetian style inspired by the architecture of the sumptuous palaces of the fifteenth century with the intense, sumptuous and elegant colors that were, and are, admired throughout the world.

The Venetian style to decorate the interiors of houses is still very successful, especially by women who love the refinement of inlaid wood, stucco, mirrors, gold leaf and so on. This style is a very rich and impressive type of furniture that recalls the sumptuousness, the richness of the golden details and the abundance of decorations of the Baroque.

Those who want their home to be inspired by the atmosphere of Venice, with Piazza San Marco, thehistoric bridges, the wonderful buildings overlooking the city’s most picturesque canal, the Grand Canal, and the most characteristic places of the style, it must find the right furniture and furnishings to achieve the desired effect.


Venetian style furniture is mostly antique or handcrafted, and currently, not many companies are producing new ones. If it is not possible to furnish all the rooms in Venetian style, you can choose to place some pieces that, in some way, recall those atmospheres. One choice could be a decorated and inlaid glass and wood piece of furniture to be placed in the bedroom and combined with a Venetian blind and a baroque dresser.

Another suggestion could be to choose Venetian-style doors or a console with arched legs to be placed in the living room, at the entrance or always in the bedroom, if space allows. In a house in Venetian style can not absolutely miss the mirrors and, preferably, those sumptuous, decorated and colorful, as well as chandeliers that must be sumptuous.

As for the width, the fabrics, for example for the sofa and the armchairs, heavy ones with warm and intense colours such as Venetian red, cream and gold are fine, while as far as the Venetian-style ornaments are concerned, the rule is to abound: vases, statuettes, decorative plates and so on. Last, but not least, are the walls: in order to recreate a perfect Venetian style, we recommend the decorative stuccoes made of plaster on the ceiling and on the upper part of the walls.



With their evident but never excessive decorations, Venetian style furniture offers a wide variety of solutions that, starting from the baroque character of their aesthetics, evoke the beauty and spirit of Venice in all their variations. The Venetian style furniture, in short, leaves a strong imprint and difficult to confuse. In fact, whether it is a console table for the entrance, a desk for the study, a table for the kitchen, a rocking chair for the balcony, a bookcase for the living room or a wardrobe for the bedroom, the luxury and refinement of these elements are always a guarantee of quality.

So, once you enter the house, you can opt for a console leaning against one of the two walls: the proposals for Venetian style furniture from this point of view are many, with light wood decorated or worked with stronger colors.

The Venetian style furniture, then, can also be used to furnish a bathroom: on the other hand, glass and mirrors are an excellence of the lagoon city. Here, then, are ceramic sanitary fixtures, characterized by sinuous curves and harmonious lines, while the sink, with a round or circular shape, can be recessed inside a pickled cabinet.

Visually, Venetian style furniture is often decorated with themes and motifs that, more or less directly, recall and celebrate the natural element: butterflies, fruits, flowers, birds, plants, and so on. As for the colors, however, the Venetian style furniture tend to favor pastel shades, from blue to pink, through green, without disdaining the gold. Thanks to these characteristics, the Venetian style furniture has the power to evoke an atmosphere of prestige and luxury, a persuasive and almost magical, out of time.


Even if your apartment is small in size the Venetian style can be the protagonist.

If you fancy some glitzy detail, but not too much, if you want to relive the atmosphere of the romantic city par excellence every time you come home from work, then follow our advice to furnish a Venetian-style house, room after room.


The Venetian-style living room features antique wood furniture as the sole protagonist of the space.

You can put it next to sofas, to mirrors on the walls, to historical frames or lamps, but let a piece of wood or with decorations, but always made of wood, be the first thing that stands out in the eyes of your guests.

Alternatively, the highlight of the living room could be the sofa: baroque and full of details, to be combined with minimal furniture. The chandelier? Gorgeous, logically!


For a bedroom that recalls the Venetian style, play with fabrics and colors. Whether they are warm colors, alongside curtains and rugs. If you have a wall to fill, opt for an antique mirror.

If you want to do things in full rule, even in the bedroom choose the old wood: in the bedside tables next to the bed, or in the dresser. And Venice is immediately!


In the kitchen and bathroom , take advantage of the details.

The kitchen could be filled with a table with wooden chairs, surrounded by shelves with cups, saucers, on top, decorative elements that can fill the empty spaces.

The bathroom floor, however, decorate it with a carpet. Fill the corners with plants and exaggerate with golden details, from the soap dish to the mirror frame.

Venetian style dining room classic wood

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